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Working from home tips

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Having children and working at the same time can be hard, not only do you miss out seeing them for a large part of the day, but if you need to get a baby sitter, it can also be expensive. However, if you already work from home or have the chance to work from home, there are a few errors to avoid, so that you can still work properly and manage your kids, the following list is not a complete list but should help you get started:

  1. Make the perfect office. Sounds obvious but given the chance to work from home you need a good desk and chair, you need to be comfortable! Working from home gives you the opportunity to have a desk and chair combo that you want and will be able to work from. Use sites like eBay in partnership with shipping sites you can find cheap couriers (handy hint you can try using the courier services of uShip).
  2. Childcare shouldn’t be a no-go. If your work is really demanding and requires a lot of concentration and focus, then turning to childcare shouldn’t be an ignored option. By sending your child to daycare they will be plenty stimulated, active and will learn important social skills and it will be educational for them. There are many benefits to daycare (at the very least you will have some time to work on your business without interruption)
  3. Help yourself by getting the kids to work for you- Whenever possible, you should try and get your children involved in your work. Explain what you do, and let your child take part in what you do and help you out. Through doing this they will in the end form an understanding and appreciation of your work and want you to succeed.
  4. Effectively and efficiently use naptimes. Get the most important work done when the house is quiet because your children are asleep. Try to work right through nap times. You can also get a significant amount done if you wake up an hour before your kids and work then or if the idea of waking up early sounds too ‘extreme’, work for an hour after their bedtime.
  5. Call for reinforcements. It really helps to have a supportive partner. My husband is an IT person, so we take turns working at the computer while the other looks after our little girl. Alternatively take the kiddo outside, or take her to a park, or read to her, while the spouse does some work.
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29 Responses to Working From Home With The Kids

  1. miekee_18 says:

    Thanks for the tips, I sometimes bring my work at home and I always ended up not doing it because my twins will mess me up..

  2. Jhari says:

    I am currently a SAHM. But me and my husband are sharing laptop for the meantime. Sometimes if my kids are asleep or busy, I wanted to update my blogs, digiscrap and blog hop, hindi ko magawa. Insha Allah hopefully soon makabili rin kami ng laptop for me to use personally. Thanks for the tip by the way. Very useful.

  3. reese says:

    well written thoughts from your experience…
    stopping via bc bloggers and ec dropping too

  4. Paula says:

    Before I thought when I work at home everything will be a breeze. But then I found out nothing can be further than the truth. I have to get a helper and she takes care of the chores. But I get overwhelmed sometimes. Of all the things in your list the first I still don’t have. But someday I hope I can have my own office. Maybe when the kids are bigger and hopefully when we have more space.

  5. nelsonRN says:

    My wife and I have been planning for something like this – that she works from home. We’ll put your tips in our mind. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Marie@Mirage says:

    It’s like doing double the job if you don’t get househelp. :/

  7. jona says:

    im a trying hard WAHM. my rival with my computer is my two kids. wishing for school days hehe. but then, i have to help them with their homework. tsk tsk!

  8. kath says:

    great tips! used to have a work at home job, but i let go of it because i need to focus on my son..but hopefully i’ll find one again :)

  9. Shadz says:

    I don’t have kids pa but I’m thinking of working at home. Grabe pala talaga ang kelangang i-give up ng moms for their kids, though they don’t lose in the run naman, I understand.

  10. helena says:

    Very useful tips! Thanks for this. I wish I can jump to this type of career. Dream job ko pero di ko pa rin mabitawan day job ko. >_<

  11. redamethyst says:

    being a working mom is not as easy as it sound, there are many things to consider especially the schedule, to juggle around the chores, the kids and the work. I hope I can do it better.

  12. Cristine says:

    One of my dreams is to work from home so I will have more time for my family. If ever my dream comes true I consider the tips that you shared. Thank you.

  13. Sumi says:

    I love working and I hope that I get to still work in the future, by the time I already have children. An ideal job for me by then though, would be working at home or just nearby — a small business perhaps, or some online work.. :)

  14. KRIZZA says:

    I’ve been working all my life. It’s not easy to be a part of the corporate world. Whenever I heard of successful work at home Moms, I feel like I want to do the same. Maybe, after a year or two and I already finished all my projects, I might consider working at home na lang.

  15. I might need this. I want to be a work-at-home mom. :)

  16. bing says:

    i have long wanted to work from home, leave my 8 hour job, and be a work from home mom. it did not materialize when the kids were growing. now that they’re grown ups, i have the freedom but still i am having doubts.

    good tips you have here.

  17. LaDyXciD says:

    Thanks for the tips.. When I get married and get children I wanted to stay and work at home too so I’ll keep in mind these tips :D

  18. jackie says:

    very helpful for all SAHMs :)

  19. I have been seriously considering working from home, so your tips couldn’t have come at a better time :). My daughter does demand a lot of attention from me whenever I’m home, so if I do start working at home, I should give her something to keep her busy as I work. Besides, I can make the most of the time while she’s in school.

  20. Techie Liz says:

    Working at home with the kids seems to be a good idea so that you can guide your children while they are growing up. At the same time, you can earn money and contribute to the household.

  21. Clint says:

    This must be hard… working at home with kids. Hell hard, esp if you’re with kids. Your tips will surely help those who have the same situation.

  22. January says:

    very helpful tips to work at home moms. :)

  23. sarah says:

    It takes a lot skill and patience to work from home. Thanks for sharing this post.

  24. Liv says:

    i have been working at home for the past 5 years, started before i got married. work at that time was pretty demanding.
    now that i have a baby, it is great that my clients understand that i can not work at a specific hour.
    time management is really needed especially in my situation wherein i work, i take care of my baby, i tend the house all by myself. but everything is all worth it.

    thanks for sharing your post.

  25. I worked from home with my oldest son was young and am now working from home again. I work like crazy during nap time and then stay up late so I have the majority of the day to get through things. My husband helps when he comes home. It is rough at times and sometimes I nap on weekends to catch up, but it is completely worth it.

  26. honestly, i salute those work at home moms, it’s really hard to balance working and taking care of the kid.

  27. janice says:

    Working at home is indeed great for us moms. Nice tips! I think I have to make own office space.

  28. Greg says:

    Thank you for writing about this because I’m a self-employed Dad and I struggle with this constantly. Fortunately, both of my kids are old enough to be in school during the day, so I can get most of my work done when they’re not around.

    But on weekends and during the summer when they’re home all the time, finding undistracted time for working can be tough. Great suggestions here.

  29. Eds says:

    Nice! I’ve been wanting to become a WAHM again… i miss those un-stressful days with no bosses around to bug me w/ my blogging. lol!

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