Wooden Number Puzzle for Toddlers

I love educational toys. Not only are they fascinating with the kids but it also help their mind’s development. With so many toxic chemicals found on plastic toys we planned on only buying wooden toys for Una. However, wooden toys are more expensive than plastic toys and variation are very limited here in the Philippines. Even if we wanted to stick to wooden toys, we have no choice but to still buy plastic toys.

wooden number puzzle
Just this weekend, while I was shopping for birthday gifts for my college friend’s daughter, I saw this wooden number puzzle. I knew at that moment that I am going to buy one for the birthday celebrant and one for Una.

wooden number puzzle

It was a hit to Una! She love the wooden puzzle and it kept her occupied on our way to the birthday celebrant’s house. It was very light and with no sharp corners. Each puzzle pieces are as big as a toddler’s hand, less risk for the children to accidentally choke on them.

wooden number puzzle for toddlers

This puzzle is really affordable. Only Php 100 in a toy store in Marikina Riverbanks. There are two other wooden puzzle available: land and water animals for Php 150 each. They are a bit bigger and more colorful than this wooden puzzle. I am looking forward to visiting that store again. I might discover other affordable wooden toys.

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6 Responses to Wooden Number Puzzle for Toddlers

  1. anna says:

    hi gene, ako din i prefer wooden toys than plastic ones kasi naman they’re more durable and timeless i guess. Plus health wise its better for our kids di ba.

    Visiting you by the way via The Bloggers Exchange, have a great week ahead :)
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  2. shengkay says:

    Here again mommy gene! dami ata akong utang na visit sayo..ako Iris is too small pa for that toy..i saw that sa toy kingdom..gusto ko rin yan..when she’s able to play with that kind of toy i would buy her that..
    happy monday!

  3. MelCole says:

    Medyo nabusy ako dito sa bahay at ngayon pa lang naka-blog hop. My son has those but he peels the stickers. grrr. Glad your daughter got one and loved to play with it.

  4. I remember my daughter having a wood puzzle toy when she was a bit younger. She used to enjoy playing it :)

    By the way, I presented you with a Lovely Blog Award. Please check my post here http://pepperrific.com/my-first-blog-award/

  5. C5 @ So The Moral Of The Story says:

    Actually, plastic toys would save on trees. :)

    Visiting from the April TBE. :)

    C5 @ So The Moral Of The Story

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