When she sleeps…

Everything just fades away. It’s quieter and more peaceful. But whenever I look at her sleeping form, my heart goes like doki, doki, doki. All the time.

when she sleeps

We never had a concrete schedule of her sleeping patterns. She sleeps whenever she feels like it. She’s so stubborn and there’s always crying involved whenever we put her to bed when she’s not yet ready to sleep. She got that from me I suppose. My parents had a hard time dealing with my sleeping patterns when I was younger. I remember some moments in my childhood where my parents had to wake me up with wet towels during school days.

Could this be my karma?

I don’t really know. I don’t want to dwell on it too much right now. For me, as long as she’s sleeping peacefully and had enough hours slept then I’m all good.

For now, I savour these few quiet moments with her and some alone time for myself.

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8 Responses to When she sleeps…

  1. Ane says:

    They look so peaceful and meek when they’re asleep but when they wake up, chaos ensues.. :P

    Lucas is the same way, he refuses to sleep when he’s not ready and will throw a fit if you force him to, so I feed him a lot so he will nap in the afternoon, he feels sleepy after meals and a bath, I don’t know why.. :P

    Una is a thumb sucker? Lucas used a pacifier until he was almost 2.. :D

    • Gene says:

      It looks like it in the photo but she doesn’t thumb suck. She grew up being breastfed and never learned the habit of using her thumb or a pacifier as an alternative.
      Gaano katagal usually ang afternoon naps ni Lucas?

      • Ane says:

        At syempre and tagal ko bago magreply.. :P

        Usually ung na ni Lucas mga 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours.. :D Pero pag umuulan, hay nako, deep sleep as in minsan 4 to 5 hours.. :P

      • Ane says:

        Purely breastfed din si Lucas, but he was on a pacifier din kasi gusto nya magbabad, hindi ko kinaya, ang sakit sa boobs.. :P Although si Chakai din never naman nag pacifier or nag thumb suck.. maybe it’s a boy thing? :P

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  3. Jasmin says:

    It is not karma. I think history repeats itself.. ehe

    I think kids have their own body clock.. They sleep whenever they want to.

  4. Keesha says:

    Hi stopping over from VB. Great personal blog!

    How do you get such great sleeping pics? With my luck the shutter noise and/or my tripping into a dresser and trying not to curse would certainly wake my wee one!

  5. mamawolfe says:

    Stopping by from VB-I love watching my children sleep! Even as teens, they remind me of the innocence of babyhood!

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