Weekly malling

Late update, or should I say early since it’s geez, 530 in the morning? My body clock is messed up.

If you’ve got not feeling productive or simply cannot sleep (I am feeling both just so you know) then feel free to take a glimpse of what our normal grocery day looks like.

Start the time in the mall with a snack. Or in my case late lunch. Before anything else, no I will not post the food photos yet, I am reserving that for the Food Trip Friday post. God, I’m so cunning. Cue sarcasm here.

For the curious one, the cranky person behind this blog post is that person in pink. That is my not cranky face posing for the camera. The semi-smile was due to the fact the I was starving and yet wasted precious time trying to pose with Offspring who as usual is not in the mood for photos. I wonder where she got that attitude?

And that’s Offspring who didn’t want to sit in the child seat of the cart. I don’t know why but I love sitting there when I was younger. I think I even bugged my mom to put me there even when I was obviously too old to be sitting there.

Can I just say that it’s so hard to do the grocery with a toddler wanting to shop on her own. I gave her the role of choosing her apples, with my guidance of course, but she’s not satisfied with that, she would insist on walking on her own and get the hotdogs, the biscuits and the cereals. It’s stressing me out to be honest. This task used to be relaxing to me, especially when I used to go alone. But now, gosh! I tend to forget things even if I have my list.

How do you moms shop with a toddler?

Because I’m trying to be clever, this is also an entry to a weekly meme called Pink Fridays. Love pink? Click here to know more about this meme.

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14 Responses to Weekly malling

  1. seth says:

    I agree with you..going with a toddler in the grocery is really tough…mine is always putting lots of his stuff in our cart coz my kid already knows where to get them…

    Happy PF!

  2. Mona says:

    My problem with my daughter naman eh hindi nakakatagal sa cart so laging nakatakbo na halos sumisigaw na ako to call her hehe .. Hope you can check my PF too thanks much

    • Gene says:

      yeah, Offspring is like that too. That’s why no matter how I wish I could be a fab momma looking fasyown with a toddler like those celebs in Hollywood, I just can’t. Don’t get me started when she’s in the mood to breastfeed and she would grab my boob with complete disregard of the location.

  3. bambie says:

    we can’t buy our groceries without my nephew tagging along. he just turned 4 and at the peak of his kakulitan! naku, naghahabulan kami sa loob ng supermarket! ang lakas ng loob lumayo, not scared na baka may dumampot na lang sa kanya. :-P

    • Gene says:

      Una is like that, sometimes we let her go, deadma talaga, walang tingin sa likod kung nakasunod ba kami o hindi.

  4. Hazelicious929 says:

    Hi! visiting you here through PF. Have a happy Friday!

  5. Foodamn says:

    kulit nilang toddlers noh! =)
    it’s the best time to be a child. My 4-yr old daughter loves to tag along, she gets the stuff she wants: gummy bears, dutchmill, yakult, gardenia ube/cheese and recently magazine section na-the princess mag fro summit. Holy cow!

  6. Gene says:

    naku ang yakult! we had a bad experience one time, she wanted to drink it na so she chew on the foil and it spilled all over her. since then we always say that it’s dirty pa.

  7. Genejosh says:

    I shop while hubby’s chasing the tot:)

    joining PF too:)


  8. cheerful says:

    great day-out with them, for sure! hmm, my girl loves being inside the cart seat but i am sure as she gets bigger ayaw na din nya kasi mas gustuhan nya na sya loob mismo to check everything in the cart…hehehe! toddler are best, makes mum tired but that’s great time! hehehe! :) have a great weekend!

    PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…

  9. AC says:

    hintay hintay ka lang sis… pag lumaki laki, enjoy na ang grocery shopping…

    • Gene says:

      hay, sana nga mabawasan na kakulitan nito. napapamahal yung nabibili namin kasi ang dami gusto. takaw mata naman.

  10. Shydub says:

    Kakamiss tuloy ang chowking at uba pang foodies shop sa pinas

    Visit My Pink Entry

  11. Thanks for joining Pink Fridays. Hope you join us again this week. :D

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