Useful Tips for Getting Along With Your New Neighbors

The phenomenon of relocating in American life is as integral as apple pie, Ford, baseballs, and Christmas. On average, Americans move approximately 11 times throughout their life due to new job or family situations. Moving to anew city, town, or suburban area is always challenging for a whole variety of reasons. Part of becoming accustomed to the new residential experience is getting along well with your neighbors.

Here are a few tips to help you get along and build lasting relationships with your neighbors:

Warm Greetings at Morning and Night

Whether you live in a busy district or in apartments in Lexington KY, greet your neighbors in the morning if you happen to see them leaving their house. Since everyone is rushing to work, keep the interaction to a bare minimum.  Wish them a great day at work, and tell them you hope to see them soon.

Break the Ice on Weekends

USA 2010 winter trip: neighbors talking in Santa Monica

The weekends are more relaxed, and people tend to be more open to lengthy conversations and interactions. If your neighbors are out on the front porch or tending to their lawn, garden, or automobile, say hello and tell a little about yourself.

Do not be too intrusive by asking too many personal questions at this time, but keep the conversation natural and light. Talk about their work and city life or ask about grocery stores, yoga centers, bars, pubs and restaurants in the area. Ask them how they are planning to spend their weekend.

Gauge Their Reaction: Warm, Guarded or Aloof

A cold shoulder means your neighbors want their privacy and want to be left alone. Politely end the conversation and tend to your own affairs. The second possibility is guarded friendliness. They are receptive to a warm conversation and participate in discussions and sharing their views, experiences and advice, but they are not overly warm in the beginning.

The third possibility is that they will invite you for barbecue or dinner, either on the same weekend or the next weekend. Accept the invitation if your schedule is open, and politely thank them for the offer.

Invite Them Frequently

If you happen to develop a good rapport, invite them to barbecue or picnics. Reciprocate frequently, and be warm in your demeanor.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Do not be overly excited or intrusive in your neighbors’ affairs even if they are very warm towards you. If their spouse or teenage kids are very attractive, do not gawk at them or flirt with them, otherwise it will bring tension to both houses. Keep your property well kept and enjoy your life naturally with your neighbors.

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12 Responses to Useful Tips for Getting Along With Your New Neighbors

  1. bev says:

    great tips! we’ve been living in our unit for more than six months na, but until now, I didn’t know my neighbors yet…

  2. We only have one neighbor that is close to our house :-) We live in the country side where it is peaceful and quite. We are in the process of building a fence :-) Great tips but do not be too close to your neighbors, save the privacy for your kids and family :-)

    • Gene says:

      For once, I wanted to have a peaceful neighborhood. It’s a safe community to here but it can get too noisy at times.

  3. Lizzie says:

    Great tips especially to those who have just move to a new house. :)

  4. ia adam-lim says:

    It’s nice to have friends in the neighborhood.

  5. Matsumoto says:

    I was talking about this with 2 other moms yesterday, I told them how different having neighbors are in pinas…dito kasi sarado lagi pinto :D

  6. Jeanne M-K says:

    Great timing! We’re going to transfer to a new neighborhood soon, and I’m definitely keeping your advice, especially the third. :D

  7. oh thats nice tips.. mas maganda kung gagawa ng party sa bahay para mas makilala ng husto di ba…

  8. imriz says:

    these are cool tips to established good relationship with neighbors. but, here in pinas, short conversations with neighbors tend to be just about gossips. lol

  9. Eugene says:

    This is one informative posts! It really sucks to be the new guy or in this case the new neighbor in a neighborhood. And I really think this would be really helpful for making a good start.

  10. nice post… made me think i should start opening up to our neighbors… ever since our move when i was in 3rd yr highschool, then college away from hometown and the moves here and there i have stopped interacting with neighbors… made me think twice really after reading this, specially that my kid’s growing up and he needs playmates which is aplenty in the neighborhood… :-)

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