Una in a hat

Notice how busy the little girl is?

Una in a hat

She’s pretending not to look but she sure does want her photos to be taken. The hat/bonnet was given to her by her Wowa (Lola/Grandma) and she loves it. Pretty obvious in the pictures if I may say so.

This is an entry to a weekly meme called Pink Fridays. Love pink? Click here to know more about this meme.

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26 Responses to Una in a hat

  1. Roxxy says:

    Lovely bonnet and th eone’s wearing it =) Cute!

    Enjoy ur weekend, hope you can visit my page too!

  2. Hazelicious says:

    Hello, dropping by here. Such a cutie pie and a poser.

    My Comfort Zone

  3. gengen says:

    She looks cutie. happy PF!

  4. bambie says:

    hahaha! talagang ayaw tumingin! so cute! marunong na magpakamysterious! :-)

  5. shengkay says:

    love the bonnet!
    happy PF!
    care to visit mine? Thanks!

  6. Cecile says:

    cute hat, i love it!

  7. Shydub says:

    may pagka dramatic model pla ito hehehe. pwedi na sa pang commercial

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  9. Edsie says:

    Happy Pink Friday!!!

    Visit my entry too: Whims and Views

  10. peachkins says:

    nice hat! Happy PF!

  11. Mona says:

    she’s cute wearing bonnet .. hope you can see my Pink Fridays.

  12. Cute naman ng hat nya,bagay na bagay. :)

  13. air says:

    looks like she doesn’t want todisturb

    visiting thru PF:

  14. Dhadha says:

    Cutie baby! :)

    Happy PF!

  15. rossel says:

    nice hat. my daughter has one like that too but different color. thanks for visiting my entry. God bless!

  16. TrishLopez says:

    cutie girl in a pink cute hat! :)
    thanks for visiting, sis!

  17. genny says:

    cute ng hat at ang model. parang nasa bagyo. :-) happy PF!

  18. Bambs dear says:

    cutie in that pinky hat :)

  19. Now visiting for Pink Fridays #59. ^_^

    Pink Thoughts – Home of Pink Fridays

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