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How to Talk to your Teenager about Alcohol Use

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The time has come. It is time to have the ‘talk’. This one is not about the birds and the bees but about under-age drinking. It can be a hard issue to discuss. You don’t want to advocate it but you also want them to be able to talk to you. It’s all about communication.

The following article lists how to talk to your teen about alcohol use, we all need a little bit of support.


You need to be understanding. Teens can be vulnerable to alcohol use. They are experiencing physical changes and a lot of life changes to. The common risk factors include:

  • Transitions
  • Increased stress
  • Family problems
  • Behaviour problems


They need to know the consequences of underage drinking. It can lead to alcohol-related fatalities, sexual activity, school problems, alcoholism and being a victim or perpetrator of a violent crime. In addition, research shows that alcohol use may permanently distort a teen’s emotional and intellectual development.

The talk

When you talk to your teen about underage drinking:

  • Ask your teen’s views. This is a conversation not a speech; it should be two-sided.
  • Share the facts, it should not be based on emotions or opinions
  • You’ll need to discuss the reasons why your teen should avoid drinking. Explain the risks and appeal to your teen.
  • Plan to handle peer pressure. Your teen needs to learn sooner or later to be independent. They need to make choices that make them happy not others.
  • Be ready to share your experiences. You want them to learn from your mistakes. Your teen will most likely be curious about your experiences. Explain your choice, whether it is to drink or not drink.
  • Set an example. This is beyond words. If you drink, do so in a responsible matter. Explain why it is acceptable for you to drink.
  • Rules; describe the rules you follow when you drink. Also discuss what rules your teen thinks should be followed.
  • Build your relationship. You want your teen to feel comfortable in coming to you. If they think they will ultimately be in trouble they will be less likely to reach out to you. Remember, you were a teen once.

Finally, if you think that your teen has an alcohol dependence there is help out there. If you have noticed mood changes and changes in behaviour, don’t be afraid to reach out to somewhere like Malibu Horizon for help. Talk to your teen. Ultimately you can’t stops someone substance abuse problem. They have to want to stop. All you can do is be there to support them.

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Tips To Help Prepare Your Kids Going To School For The First Time

For some school is just about to end but in our side of the planet, it’s just about to start. There are a lot mixed feelings when it comes to preparation for going back to school. Parents and early learners (like us) are mostly excited. This will be our daughter’s first time to go to school and she’s very well prepared for it by now. Okay, we sort of cheated because we enrolled her in a summer prep class in the same school. She loved it anyway.

My eyes didn’t even twitch when we learned how much we’re going to pay for her Nursery schooling. It is considerably cheap compared to the other privately owned early learning schools in our area. I’m pretty sure you’ll hear that rant about how expensive education is in one to two years time, when she entered the big school.

It’s the end of her summer class tomorrow and we will have a two-week break before the start of her formal school. I’m really excited to see her in her new uniform.

Is it just me or every mom of first time students are just as excited of the idea of hoarding school supplies? I know it’s my favorite part of the start of the school year, the shopping of school supplies.

school zone: going to school for the first time

Seeing as buying school supplies is the least of our worries (at least for me), here are some tips to help you prepare your kids who are going to school for the first time.

Give the pep talk. Ease the child into the idea of going to school. Talk about learning new things and meeting new friends. Make it sound fun and exciting. It’s best to start this a couple of months before the first day of class. This will help you deal with separation anxiety.

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Encouraging Your Child To Read

toddler reading

Reading is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. If I’m not in front of the computer or in some quiet corner knitting, you’ll see me holding my phone reading from my e-reader. Don’t get me wrong, I love books, but we don’t have enough space for actual books right now. For years, I’ve been depending on my e-reader as my main source of reading materials.

However, that changed when my 3 year old daughter pointed out that “reading” means holding my phone and reading from it. I was horrified! She should not associate reading with a gadget, it should be books!

Encouraging my child to read books

I made it a point to buy actual books for her. We started with board books and picture books. Dr. Seuss are our current favorite because she knows Cat in the Hat (from the TV show). I also made it a point to buy some books for myself so she’ll know that Mommy is now reading a (physical) book.

Based on our recent trip to the mall, it shows just how much she loves books. She knows what a bookstore is and we always go there to look and read some books. Yes, just look. As much as we both love reading, we still have to hold her (and me) back in terms of book buying. We don’t want to spoil her now, do we?

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