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Best Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are always bursting with energy and curiosity. They are at a stage where they want to explore every aspect of their tiny world. The most formative way for them to channel this energy is through toys. The best toys for toddlers are those that allow them to express themselves and spark their imagination and creativity such as:

1. Stuffed animals and dolls: Toddlers have a very short attention span and can get bored with toys quickly. Stuffed animals and dolls are functional toys as they are fun at different stages of your child’s development and so they won’t get bored easily. Your toddler will grow and play with them until they literally fall apart!

lamaze toddler toys

2. Lego blocks: These colorful plastic blocks are popular with toddlers. They can be assembled and connected to create different objects. Lego is a great toy that makes learning fun and easy for toddlers. The fun part about them is that they can be built up, taken apart and re-used to make other objects. This enables your toddler to develop problem-solving and creative skills.

lego dora

3. Crayons, clays and play dough: Toddlers need educational toys that encourage them to figure out things for themselves. Crayons, paints and play dough allow them to explore colors, shapes and textures. Clay and play dough are especially fun for toddlers due to their elastic and malleable nature.

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Kumon Reading: 2-Week Trial

I’ve been reading a lot of great feedbacks about Kumon. I like the idea of my daughter being good in Math, let’s be honest, I left everything I learned about college Math in college lol. I only deal with the basic computing these days.

To be honest, I wanted to enrol Una to Kumon when she was 3 years old but I noticed that she’s good with counting numbers and I don’t think she need to be pressured to know how to do arithmetic at that age. I love reading and I would also like my daughter to learn and enjoy it too so we decided to enroll her to Kumon Reading instead. But money was tight that time and paying for a special learning program was not one of our priorities then.

Come 2014, we enrolled her in a semi-private early learning school and we feel that it just the right age for her to start school. She’s over her makulit phase and likes to interact with other kids. Early September, we saw a sign about a two-week trial in Kumon and we immediately grabbed the opportunity, to see if it’s still the right program for Una. We’re lucky to find one that is accessible to us. After attending the parent orientation and taking the diagnostic test for Una, the instructor accessed her ability in reading.

Kumon Two-Week Trial

Kumon worksheets during the two-week trial

She started with Zone II of the writing exercises and level 7A for the Reading. 7A is the very beginning of the reading program.

Enjoyable “look, listen and repeat” exercises and colorful illustrations help pre-readers develop phonemic awareness of the beginning sounds of words, build a sight word vocabulary, and make the connection between spoken and written language.*

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Personalized Princess Books For Your Little Girls

Reading is a fundamental part of the learning process for children. How to engross children so thoroughly into reading that it becomes more like play and less like work is a challenge. Bedtime story rituals are a great way to make reading fun, but spice it up with personalized books. A little princess probably wants to hear and read about princesses, it engages their imagination and puts them in touch with a theme they already love. But a little princess will definitely enjoy reading a book starring her and details about her. This is what personalized princess books offer, enjoyment and entertainment in reading.

personalized princess book

There are many types of personalized books available, so here are some things to keep in mind while looking. Personalized books are meant to be personal, be sure they feature more than just a name. Things that a princess will love to see in her book: her favorite color, her hair color, her skin-tone, her birthday, her pet’s name or her best friend’s name, and even some qualities about herself that she cherishes. Is she a sweetheart or a hard-worker? Why not have those featured in the book to make it even more enjoyable and fun?

The internet has many options available that can be created right on-line within minutes. ChronicleBooks offers a medley of ways to make a princess’s book a reflection of herself. There are other products, art, lunch box, etc, to match the book afterward, which are also customized to the lucky girl.

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