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5 Accessories That Will Enhance Your Ride

Nothing quite beats the feeling of pedals underfoot, the cool slip of the breeze as it caresses your face and the secure feel of a well-equipped hybrid, zipping underneath you and breaking personal bests. You’re a dedicated cyclist, a lover of new gadgetry and any extra that boosts the performance of your favourite bike. Make your daily commute a little easier and tap into the latest bike accessories doing the rounds; here are our favourites after scouring the internet, running over anything from to enthusiast forums.

Get Some Tunes

Note: We do not endorse the use of smart phones, either in the text messaging or phone call capacity, but we do recognise that you might need a few tunes to motivate you through your personal best regime. The smartphone dock fits both Andorid and Apple devices. Added bonus? Why mount an additional GPS widget, when you can just download the right application? Get where you’re going with ease and beats to match your mood.

bike car racks

Car Racks

Though the reliable rack won’t directly affect your ride, it will allow you to explore new terrains and bike paths in new places, off the beaten track. Racks are essential if you’re a keen explorer. Are you? If you’re afraid of the mental Jenga associated with putting fiddly things together, don’t despair; most racks come fully assembled and easy to install.

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Organize your home with garage cabinet sets

Residential garages are used for far more than just parking a car. They are also used for general storage and workshops. However, it takes some planning and arranging in order for these diverse goals to happily co-exist instead of conflicting.

In the past, a garage was often an unattractive mix of disorganized tools, sports equipment and what not. This was often unsafe for the people living there as well as hard on the items in question. If you really value your possessions, storing them properly is critical to making sure they last a long time and remain serviceable. Tossing them into the garage with no real thought does not serve that goal.

garage cabinet sets

These days, it is possible to finish and furnish this space with cabinetry specifically designed to enhance this sometimes neglected area, thus getting more mileage out of the same square footage. You can begin planning this transformation from the comfort of your laptop. For example, garage cabinet sets are a ready-to-go, stylish option to bring your garage up to date and get the most of your space.

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How to find the best bike for you

When it comes to buying the right bike for you, first you need to decide where you want to ride. Do you want to go on adventures in the wild? Or cruise your way through the city streets? Once you have answered these questions then you can decide on what following models are best for you.

bicycle family

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The Road Bike (racing bike)

This bike is made for riding on a smooth pavements or roads. They are much lighter in frame and have thinner tyres. Great for riding through the park or city, this bike is not meant for rough terrain because it lacks shock absorbing suspensions. To ride this bike, you need to feel flexible enough and strong enough to bend over into a riding position.

If you are planning to race, choose a bike that is very similar to ones champion riders use because this will give you an extra sense of security and confidence while you train. You will think that you are riding in the pedaling footsteps of greatness.

The Flat-bar road bike

Relatively new, this bike is simply a road bike with a flat handlebar instead of the traditional drop handlebar.

The Touring Bike

This one is better suited for riders who wish to carry bags.

The Mountain Bike

This is the bike for lovers of adventure. Designed for rough terrain, this bike has suspension systems that absorb shock unlike the road bike. The frame is heavier and the tyres are much larger. This helps you travel up hills and grip the ground better. However, if ridden for too long on paved trails, this bike can strain your back.

Just keep in mind that sometimes mountain bikes are the default choice of salespeople because they are easy to sell and are usually less expensive than road bikes.

Hybrid Bikes

These bikes make you ride in an upright position and are a hybrid of the mountain bike and road bike. A better choice for leisurely rides around the block, the hybrid bike can handle off road riding but not a lot.

Once you have decided on what type of bike you need then you can start looking…

• Decide on your budget and stick to it because some bikes can be expensive.
• Be honest about your riding abilities.
• Ask around and talk to cyclists you might know.
• Then start researching. You can start right now at
• Find two to three bikes in your price range.

While choosing be wary of warranty deals because they are not transferable for new owners.

Now that you’ve found some options, take the bike out for a test run and see how you go. Just be mindful about your comfort and performance during the test run. You can also go to a bike shop if you need extra help. They give you a bike that is suited for your height and weight.

And most of all take your time and don’t rush this process because you want a bike that fits your needs.

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