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10 Beautiful Bridges around the World

Bridges truly are a feat of engineering and human innovation. We have been constructing bridges as a means of getting from one place to another, over any number of obstacles, for many decades now. From the humble log positioned over a stream, to the grandiose welding, steelwork and mighty cranes involved in today’s bridges, there is no doubt that humans just wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

Literally. There are so many beautiful bridges in this world that it is hard to narrow it down to the ultimate crème de la crème. However, there are some bridges that stand out as the most elite, the most impressive structures: the most beautiful bridges in the world.


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Image (cc) JJ Harrison/Wikimedia Commons

To begin, let’s look at our very own Sydney Harbour Bridge. Any tourist would be able to recognise it as it is one of our most photographed landmarks, and rightly so. It is the world’s largest steel arch bridge and took eight years to build, first opening in March 1932. Incredibly, because steel contracts or expands depending on what temperature it is, the bridge is not completely stationary and can rise or fall up to 18cm!


Stari Most

Image (cc) BáthoryPéter/Wikimedia Commons

Stari Most (“The Old Bridge”) is located in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Hersegovina. This bridge stood for 427 years before it was destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian War. It was then rebuilt after it’s destruction and reopened in 2004. This construction’s resilience and deep history makes it a truly remarkable object of study. In the Iranian city of Isfahan, Si-o-se Pol, or ‘The Bridge of 33 Arches’, stands grandly at 295 metres long and 13.75 metres wide. It is solely constructed from humble sticks and stones, and was commissioned in 1602 by Shah Abbas I, making it yet another bridge that is rich with historical significance.


Akashi Bridge

Image (cc) Kim Rötzel/Wikimedia Commons

Spanning mightily across the Akashi Strait in Japan, the Akashi-Kaikyo bridge took almost 12 years to build. Also known as the Pearl Bridge, it is the longest suspension bridge in the world, stretching across the Strait and connecting Kobe on Japanese mainland to Iwaya on Awayi Island.

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Why Travelling with Money is Safer These Days

For many, travelling with money is often the most stressful part of your holiday. Fortunately, there are now a range of great options and services available that make accessing your funds an absolute breeze no matter where in the world you end up. Here are a few reasons why travelling with money is safer and simpler than ever before.

travel safety money passport

Cash Passports

Gone are the days when you had to stress about carrying large quantities of cash on you when you travel, or worrying about your cards being accepted overseas? A cash passport is a simple and secure way to travel with your money, and is quickly becoming a must-have accessory for the serious traveller. A cash passport looks just like a credit or debit card, and can be used at MasterCard ATM’s and merchants around the world. They allow you to withdraw local currency quickly and easily, and can be topped up via internet and phone banking. For travellers on the go, this chip and pin protected card is a great way to keep your money safe while still enjoying the ease of use associated with your normal debit or credit card.

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Give Your Children the Gift of Experience

As mothers, I know you will agree with me that our children are the best gifts we have ever received. Although we do our best not to spoil them by giving in to all their whims and wants, we still do shower them with gifts every once in a while. These may range from sweet treats bought at the corner store on our way home to expensive toys or gadgets given on birthdays. These may bring wide smiles on their faces but nothing beats a gift that they can treasure for a lifetime. Instead of buying them knickknacks that end up in the trash after a couple of months, why don’t you save up instead for a memorable gift of experience – a trip to another country, a visit to a world-renowned museum, or classes to learn a new skill.

Jungle Island Miami

One of the places I dream of taking my little princess is Jungle Island Miami which is home to many rare animals including the world’s largest cat(Hercules the Liger), extremely rare twin orangutans(Peanut & Pumpkin), and the world’s only trained Cassowary(Mama Cass). Naturally, I would want to go on a VIP Safari Tour and have a Private Animal Encounter. These entail additional expense though so we may have to just stick with the exhibits, attractions, and tours that come with the regular packages. With 1.35 miles of winding covered trails, I’m certain though that we’d have the time of our lives discovering many varieties of flora and fauna in Jungle Island.

If you’re also considering taking your family to Jungle Island, make sure you don’t miss these attractions: the Winged Wonders, Dr. Wasabi’s Wild Adventures, the Wild Encounter Show, and the Manu Encounter. There’s also a Petting Farm in the Children’s Area which young children would certainly enjoy. If the heat gets too much for you, cool off in Jungle Island’s very own private beach – La Playa. Don’t miss the special exhibits as well, especially the rare Liger. This may be the only time your kids will get to see a cross between a lion and a tiger.

Gifts like these may cost more than your children’s favorite toys but the one-of-a-kind experience they will have is definitely priceless. Besides, there are now plenty of discount coupons and group deals that make trips and tours more affordable. There’s really no excuse not to give your children that special gift of experience.

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