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What You Need To Know About The Divorce Process

For any couple who vowed to love and cherish one another in front of God and hundreds of their friends and family, divorce is probably the last thing they would want to go through (that is, if they even consider it an option). Nevertheless, there are instances when living separate lives seems to be the only solution to keep the sanity of both parties. In fact, in most cases, ex-couples forge healthier relationships after the divorce has been granted.

The first step for filing a divorce is the accomplishment of legal divorce papers. Think of it as an unedited script where every possible reason that prompted the filing of divorce is written and provided in great detail. No matter if the reason for divorce is inappropriate conduct while under the marriage bonds, desertion, bigamy, abandonment, adultery, or abuse (emotional, mental, or physical), everything is laid out in the divorce papers. The one filing the divorce should make sure nothing is left out to avoid any loopholes. You or your lawyer must document all the facts pertaining to the reasons of divorce. Before the forms are filed, however, you must sign the declaration part, an affirmation that everything written in the papers are true.

After completing and filing the legal divorce papers, the sheriff’s office will now serve the complaint to your spouse (or the “defendant”). It is very important that you let your attorney know the exact home and work address of your husband or wife, and the possible addresses where your spouse might be. This is important so it would be easier for the sheriff to serve the papers, thus speeding up the divorce process.

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On getting older and gifts from Germany

March has been a busy month for the Corbitoness house. Someone *ehem* realized that she’s not getting any younger and decided to try something new for a change a.k.a. getting sore shoulders and blistered hands while paddling on a kayak. Yep, this oldie tried kayaking for the first time and I love it! I will continue to try and experience exciting new things for the rest of my life.

Speaking of new things, thank you Che of Pinay Mom in Germany for the gifts from Germany! The little girl loved her mandala coloring book and the huge jar of Nutella. I can think of many recipes to try with this much chocolate spread.

Danke @zhlryz Che for the humungous Nutella and coloring book!

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Give Flower Power A Go

When was the last time you treated your mother, grandmother, girlfriend, wife or fiancee and bought them a lovely big bunch of flowers to show them how much you love them?

Cheering that special somebody up is easy thanks to beautiful flower arrangements that can be used to express a wide range of emotions and are the perfect way to celebrate every occasion.

Maybe there’s a birthday fast approaching on the calendar? Maybe you’re about to reach a significant anniversary in a relationship? Or maybe you just know somebody in need or cheering up and who deserves a gift during a difficult time in their lives?

interflora flowersFor all these scenarios and many, many more, never underestimate the impact a floral centrepiece can have. Flowers can brighten up every room in the house. They can create a talking point. They can add a splash of colour and show someone who matters dearly that you’re thinking about them. They can give off a lovely floral aroma and can be used to express a thousand different emotions.

It’s the thought that counts.
You don’t have to spend a fortune on flowers. As the old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts – and there’s nothing more thoughtful than hand picking an eye-catching bunch of flowers. Perhaps the intended recipient has a favourite variety – or varieties – of flowers that they love. Perhaps they have a favourite colour scheme.
Fear not, though, because the internet is a wonderful thing and you can find inspiration for anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, thank you gifts and pick-me-gifts for your special someone. You can ask the florist to make a flower bouquet of exactly the type of flowers you want as well as specific colour schemes. Whether it’s the variety, colour or fragrance, flowers are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of that special somebody.
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