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Allergy and flu season

As much as I love the weather (cool and a bit windy), it’s usually the time that I get sick. Allergy and flu season suck!

I’ve been having allergic reaction with nature for the past three weeks and just this weekend, daughter caught a flu. She’s been sick since Friday night; colds, cough and high fever. She’s usually an active child even when she’s sick and during those times, it only takes her 2-3 days to fight it, with just the help of paracetamol.

kids flu

This time she’s clingy, can’t get a decent sleep and is always crying. We brought her to her paediatrician and she prescribed her with two antibiotics for her flu and an herbal tablet to help with her nasal congestion. I love the herbal tablet, I gave her one as soon as we left the hospital and she’s been sleeping straight since then. She still have a lot of mucus when she sneezes but she can now breath through her nose. As much as I’d rather stick with herbal medicine, I know that we really need the help of antibiotics to get rid of her flu.

I’m just so glad that I can talk to my 5 year old daughter and make her understand that she needs to take her medicines. This is the first time she took antibiotics and it’s so bitter! *insert gagging noise here* I know because I taste everything I give my daughter. and that includes medicine. Una is such a trooper. She’s been taking her medication for 3 days now and no fever since yesterday. Yay!

Now it’s all about giving her lots of soup and fruits to get her energy back so she can attend the last two weeks of her nursery school.

I hope everything is well, health-wise or otherwise with your family. :)

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5 Ways to Increase Pool Safety

Pools are important in Australia, with the incredible heat and outdoor lifestyle it’s critical to have something fun and refreshing to do. Pools are pretty much the best way to do that. However the mixture of kids playing, potential drowning and a slick moist surface makes them one of the more dangerous things in day to day life. Here are some easy ways to make the pool area a little safer and maybe cut down on the injuries.

swimming pool safety

Image (cc) WikiCommons/Vic Brincat

Abrasive or Clingy Surfaces

Most of the injuries you sustain in the pool, other than drowning of course, is slipping and banging your head on the ground. People are always going to run in a pool area, it’s a high energy environment and with wet surfaces it’s very easy to slip and fall. To that end it’s a good idea to have the area around the pool made out of something that keeps as much of its grip as possible when wet.

Learn CPR

This is a big one, everyone should do it whether they have a pool or not but it’s much more important when you do. Take a simple two or three hour class, stick an instructional poster up on the fence and practice on a dummy now and again. It might just hold off death long enough for an ambulance to arrive.

Keep the Area Around the Pool Clear

There are enough hazards just running around on the pool, decreasing the number of other problems you will have to deal with is a good idea. So clear away any jutting rocks, low hanging branches or anything that will cause dirt to fall onto the ground. In a risky environment, the fewer extra hazards the better.

Build a Fence

One of the most important things is making sure no one without permission enters the pool. A good sized fence keeps kids out at night and sends a general message that if you aren’t the owner you have no right being there. Not to mention the fact that it saves any pets from an impromptu bath. You can get fences in a range of styles, from the classic bars to a Clearly Glass transparent glass barrier.

Teach Pool Safety

This one is the most basic but also the most important. You need to teach everyone who’s going to be around your pool the basics of dealing with it. Why it’s important to go in the shallow end, why you don’t run, what kind of dives you can do without hurting yourself. All of these things are need to know. You can only protect people so far, the rest is teaching them to protect themselves.

No matter how much fun you’re having at the end of the day safety has to come first. You have to be able to take care of both yourself and your guests. Follow these little safety procedures and you can have fun without worrying about anything.

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Home Remedies for Sore Throat

This week proves to be a tough one. My flu vaccine failed!

Last week, daughter got her colds from his uncle. It’s so hard to make her take medicine so we use alternative home remedies to make her comfortable. Thank goodness for her strong immune system, she was able to beat that and got better in time for her second trimester exams. Unfortunately, I got her virus and I was beaten, or more likely, the virus defeated my flu vaccine.

Seeing as I can easily take any medication, I took this over-the-counter medication that was advertised to help prevent flu but it felt like it only made me worse. I am never going to take that pill again! I felt so drugged up and nauseated. I was so useless to my family.

home remedies for sore throat

After that, I decided to do what I did for my daughter, home remedies for sore throat in particular, because that’s what bother me most. Sure the fever and body pains can be easily remedied with a Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. But for sore throat and stuffy nose, here what I did…

Drink lots of fluids. We need to be well hydrated all the time but whenever I am not feeling well, I go an extra mile (ehem, litre) with my fluids. I drink a lot of water, juice and herbal tea.

Gargle warm salt water. I don’t have any exact measurement to this because I don’t taste anything right when I am sick. I just make sure that the water is as salty as the sea water and the water is warm, almost hot but not scalding.

Alternative tip: If you have Bactidol or Listerine in your household, it can also help you ease your sore throat.

Drink hot drinks. Peppermint tea is my favourite because it helps clear out my clogged nose too. I also drink coffee in the morning.

Take a warm bath. If you grew up where I live, you’re probably not allowed to take a bath when you’re sick. Getting sick makes me feel gross and a warm bath will not only make me feel comfortable but the steam from the bath helps ease the clogged nose, thus making your sore throat feel better.

Drink citrus juice. A mixture of lemon/lime/calamansi with honey and warm water makes a great combination to help ease sore throat. Just make sure to not include the pulp bits because it can get itchy while going down.

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