toddler talk + peace sign

toddler talk

Toddler Talk: 2011-Apr-09:

una: mommy…
mommy: hmn? *not looking at her*
una: mommy… *a bit louder*
mommy: yes? *still not looking*
una: mom! *loud and whiny voice*

Lesson learned: look when you are called, mommy!

I now see my future dealing with a whiny teenager. God, I hope not. I know I was a pain to my parents when I was younger. I am still hoping that she would get her patience from her Daddy, according to my parents, I was a maldita.

With that shared, let me show you Una-bebe’s poor attempt of making a peace sign.

I was looking at friends’ photos in Facebook and as we all know, the usual peace sign is present. Una-bebe called my name (I looked immediately this time) and she showed me this. She was in the mood for photos.

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