toddler talk #5

Another set of adorable toddler conversations for this month.

Una – 28 months

Erich – 27 months

Una, Erich and the door: Erich was telling Una that our door was closed and her Mom might not find her. Una didn’t know the Tagalog of door.

Erich: Sara pinto. Hanap ko Mama.
Una: What?

Toddler’s curiosity:

Erich: Mama, sabi Una “no, no, no”. Ano yun?

Una’s vocabulary also known as word translation

achoo – her way of telling that she sneezed or her nose is itchy
am-am – eat
ana – banana
apple – apple
babol – bubbles
bapak – backpack
bol – ball
click – turn on the light (the sound of the switch)
dowdo – wants breastmilk
echu – ito/this/that
hay krim – ice cream
joosh – juice
mik – formula milk
namnamnam – yummy/delicious
ouchie – something hurts/wound
powpow – she pooped/peed
shhh – shoes/slippers
waway – bath
watch – she wants to want TV or change channels
Wowa – Lola/Grandma
Wowo – Lolo/Grandpa
yesh – yes

I will add more of her words here in the near future.

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4 Responses to toddler talk #5

  1. This is so cute…I admire you for chronicling the toddler’s development of your little Una…when she grows older and read your blog…I am sure she will love you the more…

    • Gene says:

      Thanks sis. I really hope that no matter what happened to us in the future, she will know that I love her dearly. This is just one of the so many ways I can show her how.

  2. Aww this is just cute! I can’t wait till my baby starts talking too :)

    • Gene says:

      Prepare mo rin ang voice recorder. I was browsing through my old recordings, meron din pala akong copy nung mga umiiyak at nag-babble siya nung baby pa siya, ang cute!

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