toddler talk #3

toddler talktoddler talk #3

me: say banana
una: ana!
me: say saging1
una: agii! tenchu!2

The other day, Una asked for an apple. When Daddy K gave her an apple, she said: “Yoshi!” then “Wash.”

We taught her early on to wash her hands and fruits before eating . But we were surprised when she said yoshi. She doesn’t watch any anime show on TV and we tried to stick to Disney Playhouse if the TV is on. We have no idea where she heard that word.

If I’m not mistaken yoshi is equivalent to the expression “yes”, “all right”, “all good” or when you achieve something good. I don’t know much about Japanese words so if you know what yoshi literally means then please let me know. I based my explanation on how I understand it while reading English translated manga.


  1. banana is saging in Tagalog
  2. “tenchu” is Una’s version of “Thank you.”
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7 Responses to toddler talk #3

  1. says:

    cute baby you have!!! Thanks for visiting my site and commenting on ‘How Green Are You’ etc..following you now

  2. MelCole says:

    awww, cute baby talking ;)

  3. air says:

    wow you really find it translate huh, bloghoping thru tbe.

  4. peachkins says:

    hehe….ang cute!

  5. Dapat may series na ng Una Dictionary dito sa blog mo :)

  6. shengkay says:

    i am excite na makabagsalita na rin si Iris..for now she’s like a puppy when she want to say cute yun para sa akin..
    mag 7 months pa lang ang baby ko..

    ..nasa addict mood ako sis sa pag comment.. ;P

  7. Bambiedear★ says:

    Anzu says Ana too when she tries to say banana lol.. Parang ang cute naman ni Una when she says YOSHI.. expression ng mga young Japanese yan, equivalent ng “YES!” or “YEHEY” natin or parang “AJA” ng mga korean.. pero YOSH yung usually naririnig ko.

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