Toddler Haircut for Girls: Bangs

Edit: I just realized that I have this in draft since November 2011, talk about super backlogs! But look at my toddler’s haircut!

Una’s yearly haircut came a couple of months early. I usually trim her hair on a yearly basis after her birthdays. I made a blog post earlier this year on how to cut a toddler’s hair. It was a month after her 2nd birthday and I cut her shoulder length hair into a bob. It’s not really hard to cut the toddler’s hair especially if it as thin as Una’s.

This time, I notice that her bangs has been bothering her. And the stubborn girl doesn’t want getting her hair tied. One night while she was sleeping, I put a diaper cloth on half of her face, covering just her eyes and forehead and cut the hair covering her eyes. I cut it just above her eyebrows. And viola! The toddler woke up with a new haircut. She didn’t react at all though it takes quite a while for her to let her bangs down.

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3 Responses to Toddler Haircut for Girls: Bangs

  1. jared's mum says:

    wow! i wish i can be as talented as you sis. or is it just that boys’ hair are harder to cut compared to girls. Jared’s haircut would mean a trip down to the kiddie salon plus all the fuss + drama!

    i once tried diy-ing his bangs but he ended up with a Beatles’ like ‘do + i was discouraged to do it again. nowadays, i don’t think the little fussy man would even allow a scissor-armed me anywhere near his locks, unless he’s sleeping.

    Jared has loads of hair, we have to have it trimmed twice or 3x a year!

    • Gene says:

      I’m sure it will be harder once her hair thickens. It’s still thick and quite manageable to trim. Which reminds me, I am yet to trim her bangs again. I asked her if she wants me to cut her hair, she said no because she’s Princess Una, hahaha!

      I think haircut for boys is really hard. It’s short and there’s no room for adjustments so mistakes are really obvious. Have you tried using hair clippers?

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