Then and Now

When SAHMone SpeaksLooking back the days when you were still single, how would you differentiate your life now? How do you keep up with your busy schedule every day?

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When I was still single and living with my Dad, things were quite simple, if not easy. We were a working family and as the only girl left in the house, technically I was also the home manager. I like it because I had full control of managing the house, except for cooking because that’s definitely my father’s forte. I did the budgeting and the house work according to my moods because that’s what worked well with me. I buy the groceries if I feel like going to the mall. And if I’m too lazy to do the laundry, I would send it to the laundromat (Filipino version of laundromat, that is). It was easy because we are all adults in the house and we have our own responsibilities. Things are balanced.

When DK and I decided to have a family, I thought it would be just as easy. But the baby came as soon as we have expected and everything was thrown into chaos. There are so many things to do. So many things to learn. And I have to be responsible for someone else. Someone so fragile and precious. I was off balance.

Family photo, January 28, 2009

It’s a good thing I was staying at home. I made a lot of preparation. I read. I asked for advice. I learned. And still learning. I realized that it’s not about me anymore. I have to go around and fix things according to this little girl that I carried in my womb for nine months. She is so small and yet she have this full control of our lives. We are captivated. Hook, line and sinker.

Being a parent is a full time job. We don’t have day offs. We go out as a family. We have fun as a family. I can count the number of times I went out alone to meet with my friends. One last year and one this year. Not because I don’t want to hang out with them. It just so happen that my priorities changed. I have to make sure that my little girl will be left with trusted hands before I go mingle. If you will ask me what is my schedule like, I would answer: “It depends.” Because clearly if you are a mother, especially a stay at home one, your whole world revolves around that precious little person.

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9 Responses to Then and Now

  1. You’re right, being a parent is a full time job, with overtime pa nga. It’s rewarding though. Konting smile lang ayos na.

    Thanks for joining!

  2. Kero says:

    grabbed your badge

    Liked your FB page

    and followed you in GFC

    Happy Monday!

  3. Gengen says:

    It is so true if you have a little baby your world is really evolve in them. I have a little baby also a boy who is just few weeks old. have a nice day. mine is up…

  4. shydub says:

    Yup full time job tapos walang sweldo hehehe, always overtime pa hehe

  5. Our family really change us 360 degress…but the kids especially gives our life direction the more.

    BTW, Ive got an entry for this MEME too…

  6. TrishLopez says:

    mahirap talaga full-time mom – but the love you get from your family makes it all worthwhile. :)

    placed your badge on my badge page. thanks for grabbing mine!

    Hope you could join my meme’s every Monday and Wednesday: Whatta Wonderful Week! and Just Beautiful!

  7. AC says:

    at least sis, I can see that you’re happier now with the little angel dba? oh, SAHM-life… hard, but indeed rewarding… =)

  8. Bambiedear★ says:

    Pareho ba tayo? I was living with my dad also.. Iba na talaga pag may sarili na familia.. it’s not about me anymore sabi mo nga and i agree :)

  9. jared's mum says:

    being a mum really entails a lot of responsibilities + almost zero me-time but i know you’d agree that the reward is just priceless, right?

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