The Big Change

Whoa there, is this a new blog?

If you were one of the few subscribers of this blog before the big change then you already know that this is supposed to be my personal personal blog. But things change and I decided to create a separate personal blog instead of dumping them all in my craft blog. I also want to revamp gene + experiments and focus it back to its original purpose which is showcasing my crafty experiments. Let’s just say that I had some sort of mid-life blogging crisis going on around there so it’s so chaotic right now. There are still few changes to be made on this blog but nothing as drastic as what I have planned for the other blog.

To make things clear, this blog will talk about family time, musings from both me and DK and mostly growing updates of the Offspring. I think the earlier sentence is directed to myself to remind me not to put any rubbish on this newly made blog, there’s Tumblr and Twitter for that.

I think that’s about it for now. I’ll be posting some of our recent family outings later. For now, feel free to explore what little space we have here. Leave us a message here if you want it to be a secret. Enjoy!

- The Wanderer

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