Thank You Ai-Non Baby!

I seldom get lucky with raffle prizes but during the Pinay Mommies Community 2nd Grand EB  (more info about that later) I won a gift pack from one of our minor sponsors Ainon Baby.

Photo courtesy of Mauie Flores

Ainon Baby is a trusted brand of safe , BPA Free, LEAD Free & durable baby products. With Ainon Baby, we baby your baby.

Ainon Baby gave the Pinay Mommies Community 2 strollers, to be used in our charity event next month.

Gift pack from Ai-non: Pocoyo sando and shorts, Smart Babies Romper and Ainon water tumbler

I was so glad that this is the gift pack I won. Una was really excited when she saw the Ainon baby products and she kept on saying “Thank you Mommy!”. She loves Pocoyo and she loves the color yellow. What a perfect coincidence. Oh, and look how she willingly modeled for the Ainon water tumbler.

For more product info about Ainon Baby visit them at their website and Facebook pages:

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11 Responses to Thank You Ai-Non Baby!

  1. Ane says:

    Ooh, Lucas likes Pocoyo too! :D

    Congrats for winning one the raffle items from Ainon Gene! :)

  2. Mirage says:

    Congratulations! Look at Una, she’ll definitely treasure this one!

  3. Green Dei / Daryll says:

    That was a great mommy activities :)

  4. jared's mum says:

    looks like Una is really enjoying your prize. my son is also a big fan of pocoyo, he would’ve loved to have that short/sando pair since he’s already outgrown the ones i bought him last year :)


    • Gene says:

      Thanks Vix! She loves Pocoyo. Nasuot na niya yan. Akala ko nga maluwag pa, kasya naman but I forgot to take a photo of her wearing that. :D

  5. Agnes says:

    Thanks, mommy Gene for this great thank you post..Congratulations! It’s nice to know that your little girl really appreciated the items..

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