Teaching Compassion To Kids

I’m back from my sick bed and the blog is back from it’s server sickness. LOL! Coincidentally, while I was sick our family blog Corbitoness decided to go on a vacation leave.

Anyway, last week Una had a fever. I prayed for her to get better and said that I would rather be sick than see her suffer. I’m not sure what kind of wish or prayer I have unleashed but 2 days after Una’s overnight fever hubby and I succumbed to sickness. He’s got a flu and was absent from work for 3 days and I had a terrible cold.

During these times the sweet girl is super sweet. At 3 years old, we noticed how sympathetic and caring she is to others, especially if a person is feeling down.

Here are just some dialogues between us:

While Una was trying to kiss my lips:

Me: Una, don’t kiss Mommy on the lips, I’m sick. I have an ouchie here. *pointed at my throat and nose*
Una: Okay Mommy. I’ll kiss your ouchie. *then filled my throat with kisses*

♥ ♥ ♥

While I was sniffing and sneezing:

Una: Mommy, don’t cry. No sad. Happy lang.
Me: I’m not crying baby. I have an ouchie in my nose and I can’t breath.
Una: Here, wala na ouchie. *she gave me the Vicks Vaporub*

♥ ♥ ♥

While I was coughing so much:

Una gave me water and said: Drink water para wala ouchie. Then she proceeded to rub my back.

Awwwwww! She really melts my heart.

Times like this makes me feel proud of hubby and myself. She’s growing so fast and she’s very compassionate.

I never really thought that kids these days are that super smart and they absorb everything they see in their environment. I wasn’t really conscious that I am teaching her anything, except when learning the alphabet, numbers and colors. I know I’m a brat sometimes so I try to minimize my annoying attitude, especially when I’m around Una.

teaching compassion to kids

As for teaching compassion to kids, I think the most important part is to:

Be a role model. Kids are like a sponge. They look up to us adults so they would think that everything we do is right. When it comes to kids, action speaks louder than words. Show them how to be kind and caring.

In our scenario above, Una is just doing what we did for her when she was sick. She experienced our love and compassion before and she knows what it feels like to be in the receiving end. She experienced compassion firsthand and now she did exactly like that to us.

It’s also important to acknowledge their actions with words. Kids often have difficulties expressing what they feel because they do not know what that is. It’s important that they express themselves by voicing out what exactly it is they are feeling. By acknowledging their actions you are naming what they are feeling. With that, it will also help them to communicate better.

It’s not really hard to teach compassion to children. We simply show them our good side and they will learn from that. Let us be positive and be a better role model to our children.

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11 Responses to Teaching Compassion To Kids

  1. Jhari says:

    Glad you’re okay now sis.
    Reading your conversation with your child is really touching. My daughter (3yo) naman will just say “I love you Mama…” out of no where, minsan nakokonsesnya ako. Because between me and my husband, I’m the bad one. Because of course, I’m the disciplinarian, teacher and yaya at the same time. He’s the fun part naman. That’s why if she say comforting words like this, feels like heaven to me.

  2. arcee says:

    she’s just as sweet as Rem, and that’s because we’re sweet moms to them – hooray!…OMG, i’m also posting about this, got a draft na at pareho tayo ng feeling:)

  3. seth says:

    My son is like that too! He is very protective of me and doesn’t want to see me cry. As our little angles, we must protect, love and mold them in the right way. :-)

  4. I can see that she’s a joy to behold. I have four kids and all of them are very sweet as well. A little peck on the cheek just brightens my day. :-)

  5. Rochelle O. (@chelluvu) says:

    very well said, truly actions speaks loader than words! Such an interesting post! nice share :)

  6. Billie says:

    She sounds precious, she can tell what you’re feeling and empathizes.

  7. Rae says:

    Awww. Ang sweet naman ng anak mo. and I agree, natututo talaga ang bata sa pag-gaya.

    That’s what I ask myself sometimes. Is the person I am now the kind of person I would like my kid to emulate?

  8. Una is a very smart kid. Me and family before were experiencing the same sickness as yours until somebody advised us to have dose of vaccines for each of us, annually. Now with that Flu vaccines, we were protected and our work is not affected. Una means, your first child?

  9. She sounds so sweet! I love it. It’s unfortunate that many kids (and adults) never understand compassion.

  10. kat says:

    Such a sweet kid. Good job, mom and dad, for raising her well.

  11. Tetcha says:

    I agree with you, Mommy! We should be good role models for our kids. They imitate what we do, and that’s why we should always be cautious of our actions.

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