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Lalaloopsy, a little girl’s new friend

This week’s Kids in Doodles theme is all about gifts, Christmas gifts in particular. I am yet to organize the photos I have accumulated last year so I’ll just make do with the recent gift she received a couple of weeks ago from her godparents for her 4th birthday. (Thank you Ninong and Ninangs!) Yup, my little girl is 4 years old and I feel old.

Rosy Bumps n Bruises - Lala Loopsy

Meet Rosy Bumps n Bruises of the Lalaloopsy world (Sew Magical, Sew Cute!) She was sewn on Mar 12th from a nurse’s uniform. Rosy has a super-careful personality.

How cute is that, the little details I mentioned above was printed on the tag that comes with the box. She loves that it can sit on its own unlike her Strawberry Shortcake dolls. If there’s only one thing I can complain about this though is that it’s hard. A rag doll should be soft and¬†cuddly.

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Colorful Weekend: Una vs. Mega Bloks

It’s been an while since I last joined Colorful Weekend. So many photos to edit, so little time. But I finally had a chance this afternoon and here’s my pick of the week, the toddler playing Mega Bloks in a paid play area in Marikina Riverbanks.

toddler vs megabloks

She loves building towers. I think this will be her Christmas gift this year. It’s colorful, big (less chance for the toddlers to put it in their mouth and possibly choke) and will help develop her creativity. This will make a great indoor activity for the toddlers.

We could also finally focus on teaching her colors. She’s a bit confused with colors as we speak. Except for red, orange and yellow because those are the colors of her favorite fruits: apple, orange and banana.

Did you have a colorful weekend?

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Gashapon are cute toy vending machines that are popular in Japan. Gashapon is a made up of two sounds: “gasha”¬† for the turning of a crank on a toy vending machine, and “pon” for the sound of the toy capsule dropping into drop off box. Gashapon is a trademark word by Bandai while Tomy uses the word Gacha.

I love cute little toys. Obviously, Una loves it too. She’s screaming and running around when we saw this in Robinson’s Place Ermita. I don’t usually buy these capsule toys even if I wanted to hoard them all because there is a high probability of not getting the item that you want. But I found this cute little cellphone charms from Sanrio and I couldn’t resist. I am so glad that I received Kuromi because I do not like Hello Kitty.

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