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Colorful Weekend: Una vs. Mega Bloks

It’s been an while since I last joined Colorful Weekend. So many photos to edit, so little time. But I finally had a chance this afternoon and here’s my pick of the week, the toddler playing Mega Bloks in a paid play area in Marikina Riverbanks.

toddler vs megabloks

She loves building towers. I think this will be her Christmas gift this year. It’s colorful, big (less chance for the toddlers to put it in their mouth and possibly choke) and will help develop her creativity. This will make a great indoor activity for the toddlers.

We could also finally focus on teaching her colors. She’s a bit confused with colors as we speak. Except for red, orange and yellow because those are the colors of her favorite fruits: apple, orange and banana.

Did you have a colorful weekend?

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