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Dining in Pancake House

It’s been a while since I last made something like this. Pancake House became one of our favorite restaurants because they are kid friendly. Not only do they provide paper puzzles to color but they also have a kids menu. Oh, and pancakes, how could I forget!

But it’s been a while since we last dined in Pancake House. What with the previous calamity that happened to us last month, we just can’t find the urge to dine in fancy restaurants all the time. Well you know what I mean, this is fancy in the kiddos world.

Anyway, this was taken in July. We went to Glorietta Mall in Makati, to buy some crafty supplies for me.

pancake house glorietta

From left to right:

1. Una with the coloring activity provided by Pancake House

2. Una’s pancakes with M&Ms!

3. My dinner: Roasted beef with veggies.

4. Pork Vienna for hubby. Just pork chops with tomato based dip.

5. But of course, a family picture! Taken in Glorietta 5’s basement parking. Yeah, fancy walkway!

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Family time in Burger King

This was during one of those rainy days when DK wanted to eat Burger King. We were supposed to eat in SM City Marikina but the parking area was full so we went to the Burger King Marcos Highway branch.

Burger King - Whopper Jr.

We had our usual meal of Whopper Jr. but it’s kind of weird that they don’t have spaghetti in that branch. I’m not sure if they no longer sell it or they just run out of supply to make them.

Burger King - toddler playground

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Food Trip Friday – Sbarro

This will be my first time joining the Food Trip Friday blog meme. With the amount of food I eat, I think it’s about time I share my love of trying different kinds of food to this blog.

This week, we accompanied DK to Cainta for a spare part he needed for our car. I woke up late and didn’t have time to cook or even drink coffee. As soon as he’s done with his transaction we went to Sta. Lucia Mall to have our late lunch in Sbarro.

Baked Zitti

Baked Zitti Php 96

Sbarro is one of our favorite restaurant. The servings are great and the pizza is just as amazing as the baked zitti. Our usual order are: a plate of half-serving of Baked Zitti for each of us, a slice of Cheese Pizza (but this time we ordered Grandma Sbarro Pizza) to share and lemonade for our drinks.

Baked Zitti

Grandma Sbarro Pizza Php99

If I’m really hungry, I would add a garden salad with my order. It’s a good thing I didn’t because I was so full when we finished our meal.

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