Shhh, someone’s busy.

There are three reason why our little one could get quiet. It’s either:

  1. She’s sleeping,
  2. She’s doing something suspicious or
  3. She’s busy playing with my Nintedo DS Lite.

Well you’ve seen her sleep┬ábefore. I am yet to caught her on film when she did something suspicious. She’s too quick for my current camera. But when she’s busy playing with my NDS, I can have all the time in the world to take photos of her. This made me think if I should start looking online for some good computer animation colleges she can attend someday. She loves watching and playing it.

Someone's Busy

I wonder if I can make her concentrate like this when it comes to her reading and writing lessons. So far, we are still in worksheet number 1.

How do you homeschooling moms do it?

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20 Responses to Shhh, someone’s busy.

  1. Nishana says:

    Such a cute girl. I am sure she will not make you sad when it comes to reading and writing lessons.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. genefaith says:

    bawal syang distorbohin..he..he…I’m sure she’ll concentrate on her lessons when the right time comes:)

  3. Pinx says:

    she’s the complete opposite naman of my 4 yr old boy. books, maps and flags and making make-believe buildings ang nakakapagpa-concentrate sa kanya. meron naman DS and PSP pero di nilalaro… i’m sure your little princess will learn to sit down and concentrate soon…

  4. imriz says:

    no need to hurry…she’ll learn to focus on her studies in time. let the kid enjoy the DS:)

  5. Mirage says:

    Do this as a project Gene, take a photo of her with the DS wherever she has it on her hand and wherever you go :) A friend has one pero psp hehe

  6. Ha ha she’s cute. concentrated sa ginagawa nya…..Anyway, was here for CW sis.

  7. Hazelicious says:

    She’s really busy! When I play with my DSi, sobrang focus din ako.

  8. Ane says:

    Awww.. :) Cutie pie!

    Same with Lucas if he’s quiet and he’s not asleep, he’s probably doing something suspicious! LOL :D

    How old is Una na ba? Lucas has just started to be interested in crayons, he just turned 3.. :D My iPod touch was stolen last April so now agawan kami sa iPhone ko but minsan pinagdadamot ko kasi kung sino sino natatawagan at kung ano ano apps naddownload sayang ung load at credits ko sa itunes! :P LOL.. :D

  9. nancy says:

    Hahaha, ang cute! Iba na talaga hilig ng mga kiddos nowadays kaya di na ako magtataka if one day mas magiging techie pa yan compared to us mommy bloggers. :D

  10. Mommy Jes says:

    aahahha ang cute!! serious pa :))

  11. Gengen says:

    Aha cute mo dyan…Mine is just posted…

  12. grabe, marunong na sya. MG would rather watch tv than play with any gadget. buti na lang para wala ako kahati.

    btw, 400 lang yun calling cards for 100pcs. mura noh! i think nagkamali sa quotation…

  13. Mitchteryosa says:

    Ang magtangkang mang-abala sa kanya, lagot haha!

    Ang serious nya huh!

  14. Jasmin says:

    Aww. So cute naman ng baby mo. :)

    Don’t disturb! aha

  15. Abby says:

    Ang cute naman! She’s so adorable! :)

  16. Kelly Edwards says:

    I do love the NDS. It’s actually in my son’s IEP, that he’s allowed to have it on the bus so he doesn’t get overwhelmed by the social issues there. Love the NDS!!

  17. Luana says:

    So cute! My 2 yr old does the same thing with my phone, he loves playing with the shapes or talking tom app.

  18. Lol, that is too cute. Stopping by from Voiceboks. Hope you have a great week.

  19. arcee says:

    thanks for sharing this, sis…parang may nakita na pala ako nito sa pamangkin ko di ko lang alam ang tawag lol

    • Gene says:

      Sulit naman siya sis kahit na medyo mahal. May mga educational games and puzzles kasi siya kaya hindi lang panay laro. :D Mas mura pa rin compared to LeapPad!

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