shadow play

Found this photo in one of the photos I downloaded from my old Friendster account. I am very thankful that they allow their users to download their photos before they erase them since our laptop hard drive crashed last year and we no longer have copies our old photos. Well, now we have some of them.

The photo above was taken in 2008 along Marikina Riverbanks. This was also the time when DK bought me my first ever DSLR, a Nikon D40.

Three years after the above photo was taken, we had some family time. This time it is no longer just the two of us.

Above photo is from our trip to Quezon City Circle last month. Photo taken with DK’s anniversary gift to me, a Panasonic Lumix LX3!

I just realized how happy it was to look at our shadows. Hopefully there will be another little one in the not so soon future photographs. For now I’ll just collect shadow photographs of the family.

Do you have shadow photographs of your family?

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11 Responses to shadow play

  1. mommy jes says:

    wahahahha IT’s okay BETTER LATE than ABSENT wahahahha ! i love the idea ahahah acute naman!!! :))

  2. Kendrick always love playing with his shadow too, :)

    Sis, it’s a Cherry Blossom tree,and yes,parks here are not too crowded because there are so many of them. :)

  3. gizelle says:

    I love your photo story! Really paints a thousand words!

    P.s. I don’t mind the 45,000 crowd, they’re the most humble people….my kids see how everyone listens so they follow…Happy weekend!

  4. Mirage says:

    I was the one who commented there lol

  5. crazyme says:

    wow! nice pics. you just gave me an idea. magaya nga. i just hope it’d work kahit point-and-shoot lang ang aking camera.

    • Gene says:

      Hi Mommy Olga! Of course gagana yan. We’re using a point and shoot in our recent photos. Masyado mabigat ang DSLR.

  6. Wify says:

    ganda ng shadow pics! kami din we do that minsan. :)

    glad to have found your blog thru PMC, hope you can visit my newly launched blog and join in one of my themed posts.



  7. shengkay says:

    nice nice kaayo mommy gene!
    yeah..not so soon…enjoy the moment with just th 3 of you..
    ..bawi sa mga utang na hindi nakavisit previously..hehehe,,

  8. genny says:

    nice shot! i love it very artistic. visiting here..:-)

  9. Abby says:

    The image/photo are so cute! :)

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