Safety precautions when drinking in a party

I was never really a drinker. But there are times that one cannot avoid it and we have to drink in order to socialize. It could be in a company affair or a celebration with friends and family. It is important that we take precaution before we have our merry way in enjoying the party.

There are so many rules out there but before anything else, make sure that you follow some safety precautions and use your common sense.

1. Do not drink and drive. Before getting that first glass of drink make arrangements on how you are going home from the venue. Will there be a designated driver? Will you be taking a taxi to go home?

2. Know what you drink. Make sure that what is served won’t cause any allergic reactions.

3. Get your own drink. Better safe than sorry. It is advisable that you get your own drink directly from the bar or a punch bowl than receive it from strangers. Or better yet, prefer to only drink unopened bottle.

4. Know your limit. I know it’s fun to chat and drink with friends but make sure to know your limit. Drink a glass of water in between. It’s never fun to waking up with a hangover.

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2 Responses to Safety precautions when drinking in a party

  1. AnneM says:

    Great reminder! A good rule of thumb is: if you want to get wasted, make sure you are in a good friend’s house or yours. That way, no one has to drive anywhere intoxicated.

  2. Conversion Doctor says:

    If you drink, don’t drive. If you drive, don’t drink. That’s a golden rule that is known to all drivers and we should need to follow that in order to prevent accidents.

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