Protecting our gadgets

So, I have a new gadget! We were planning on buying a desktop PC because it is faster and more efficient when it comes to working with documents and creating invitation layouts. But we encountered some car trouble recently and the money reserved for buying the new computer was spent to fix the car. Hubby decided to buy a netbook instead. That way we have a new laptop that I can use with my projects and the old laptop will be shared by him and Una.

Now all I need is a protective sleeve for my netbook and I can bring it anywhere I go. We briefly looked for options in the mall earlier today but sad to say that what caught my attention were covers for ipad. It’s so cute yet really useful. Did you know that there are water-resistant protective cases for iPad? Oh, the wonders of technology! I wonder if I could find something like that for netbooks. All I see are sleeves with colorful prints but not protective covers like the iPad covers.

Do you know where I could find protective cases like that?

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One Response to Protecting our gadgets

  1. Mommy Jes says:

    i wanna buy sleeves too pero dpt makabili muna ko ng ipad :))

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