pink fridays: pink pajamas

Una loves her pajamas. They are comfortable and there are variety of cute designs to choose from. When she was younger, most of her clothes were bought by her Wowa (Lola or grandmother) because she is the only girl in the immediate Corbito family and DK’s mom is having the time of her life shopping for her first granddaughter. The only thing Wowa loves to stick to white, that’s white most of Una’s clothes are mostly white with color accents.

So when we were shopping for a friend’s daughter, we saw a set of cute toddler pajamas in SM Megamall and immediately bought it! It comes in three sets of shirts and three sets of pants. It was a bit big on Una but she loved it. She even said “Wow!” when I showed it to her.

pink pajamas

enjoying Karate Kid's potato balls

In the photo above, she is wearing the cute pink pajama set . The toddler pajamas comes in 3 colors: pink, purple and white with cute prints. Notice the background? She wore her pink pajamas to the mall.

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18 Responses to pink fridays: pink pajamas

  1. Benedique says:

    ako din tita, I enjoy being in pajamas, and wearing socks all day :) cute baby mo

  2. imriz says:

    cute baby in pink pj:)

    i am now following u from here. Pls do:)

  3. Ms.Burrito says:

    So pretty!

    Take a peek at the Pink at my page. Have a nice weekend!

  4. tejan says:

    hehhe..hay ka cute naman lang:)
    visiting from PF gene..see yah!

  5. teJan says:

    followed here by the way..your new in line..heheh!

  6. vernz says:

    hingi.. hehehe.. lovely kid.. ako din lol… hahaha nakisali.. was for pf.. hope you can visit back.

  7. MelCole says:

    Aww, so cute baby. :) My Pink Fridays Hope you can visit mine too.

  8. shengkay says:

    This is just a quick visit from Pink Friday :) Happy weekend!
    My PInk

  9. January says:

    sarap ng kain nya..cute cute..

    Here’s My Pink Friday

  10. Vhen says:

    so cute =)

  11. Cyl says:

    Hi Una,,that’s a cute name.Have a nice weekend!

  12. Mars says:

    Wow naman. PJ’s in the mall! Buti pa mga bata noh? They can wear anything they want and people would still think it’s cute. :P

    Happy PF! ^_^ Here’s my Pink Fridays entry for this week. Sorry for the late visit. Hope you can visit me too. :)

  13. genny says:

    ang cute naman. ako rin meron pink pajamas.hehehhe

  14. Mona says:

    Si little Kyla ko used to wear pajamas kahit in day time dami kasing nangangagat na insects masyado sensitive ang balat, visiting you back :)

  15. Mylene says:

    My daughter is also in pajamas most of the time (just the lower garment) to protect her legs from insects’ bite.

    The cloth of Una’s pajama seems very soft.

  16. Cecile says:

    i love that cute pink pajama… :-)

  17. cheerful says:

    i bet she look great with those lovely pajamas! visiting late from pink fridays and wishing you a blessed week! -PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…

  18. jared's mum says:

    wow, una must love her pajamas very much to wear it to the mall ;) love the cute lil pajamas available at the infants’ section of department stores, love their design + colors, aw well, too bad i can’t buy one for jared! :)

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