Pink Fridays: Pink Ball

Pink Fridays Earlier today, I convinced DK to have an afternoon walk with Una along the Riverbanks. We have a wonky schedule since DK was required to work in the night shift and his days off are not in the weekend. Today is the first day of his new rest day and I figured we should take advantage of the good weather.

After our short walk we arrived Marikina Riverbanks Mall. Una was having the time of her life walking/running around the mall and when she saw the paid play areas she was ecstatic! It was almost dinner time so we only paid for a 30 minute play. Playtime charges Php 60 for 30 minutes and no additional payment for the guardian.

There are 3 paid play areas in Marikina Riverbanks Mall, The smallest charges Php 50 for 30 minutes, best for kids who loves ball and inflatable bouncers, mostly Little Tykes. Next is where we went which offers a lot of variety for boys and girls. They have slides, basketballs, ┬áplayhouses, plastic kitchen toys, swings and video games. The largest one is very similar to Active Fun that charges Php 100 for 30 minutes and I think there is an additional payment for the guardian. I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of each play areas since Una was so excited to go in, the staff allowed her to enter the play area even while I was filling up the form.

I took a lot of photos while we’re inside PlayTime but I’ll reserve those for another blog post. But with today’s photo, Una was obviously playing basketball, says so on the pink ball’s label, hahaha!

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13 Responses to Pink Fridays: Pink Ball

  1. Ms.Burrito says:

    so pretty.

  2. Gengen says:

    She is cute. Happy PF! Mine is up.

  3. MelCole says:

    That is so nice na may play area kayo jan. enjoy na enjoy siya in playing. :) My Pink Fridays

  4. Hazelicious says:

    Kids are easily get bored. That’s why a park, mall or anything that can occupy their mind will really help. Mine is up – My PF Entry

  5. STEF says:

    Sure that it has brought Un a so much fun! Happy PF! I’m a new follower and I hope you can check out my entry too! Thanks!

  6. SHENGKAY says:

    happy PF

  7. Willa says:

    It’s good that you have lots of option on where to bring her for play. It’s been two weeks since I last join Pink Friday.

    Bloghopping thru The Bloggers Exchange

  8. shydub says:

    She sure having fun tossing that ball

    Visit my Pink Friday

  9. Visiting you from the bloggers exchange April link. I love pink!
    I hope you check out my latest jewelry review post that I made.

  10. Visiting you from TBE and PMC sis…

    Moments like this are really precious….and when our kids had already grown up, they will hug and kiss you for the wonderful memories that we had given them.

    BTW, you are now in my blogroll/// Thanks for adding me too.. Hope to see you again!!!

  11. C5 @ C5 Says Again says:

    Cute ball! :) pati kid. :)

    PF65 #23

  12. cheerful says:

    that’s nice and she’s really having a grand time there, i think! have a great week! -PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…

  13. seth says:

    enjoy playing baby!

    sorry for the late visit.

    My Pink Entry

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