’s 2nd Anniversary: Bloggers Day

Earlier today Yesterday,, the first Philippine online parenting show, celebrated it’s 2nd anniversary with select Parentin.TV members and mommy bloggers in Amberly Room of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel in Libis, Quezon City. It was a fun day filled with yummy food, awarding, raffles and lots of laughter.

The Bloggers Day started with lunch, a scrumptious buffet courtesy of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, as prepared by Chef Bienvendo B. Chavez.

Top: Roasted Porkchop with Mushroom Gravy, Garlic Lime Roast Chicken Gravy, Fish Fillet in Pesto Cream Sauce
Middle: Salads, bread and other appetizers
Bottom: Assorted French Pastries and fruit salad, Tagliatelle Alfredo, Sauteed Vegetables in Season
Want to know what I ate? See some food appreciation and closeup photographs in Foodie.

Miss Christine Bersola-Babao, creator and host of, welcomed the members with a bright smile.

Tin-Tin Bersola-Babao shared the success of for the past 2 years. Being the first (and perhaps only) Philippine online parenting show, they breezed through more than 40 parenting episodes, 11 successful events, and more than 2,000 members in those 2 short years. She also shared her enthusiasm for this new year.

For those who don’t have fast internet connection, you can still watch their parenting show. can now be seen at the Knowledge Channel, Sky Cable Ch. 42 (schedule can be seen at the lower part of this post). They will be featuring developmental milestones, toddler tips and more celebrity interviews. So watch out for that! is also in search for teen bloggers. So mommies, if you have a child who likes to write or blog and would like their articles to be featured in the website, send it to their email at

Awards were also given to Parentin.TV Toddler Photo Contest and Online Quiz.

Next were a bit heavy but informative forum about internet addiction from early childhood, discussed by Vanessa Garon of Golden Values School.

This topic is quite sensitive to me since I’m always online. I had a few guilty moments when the speaker is discussing signs of internet addiction. As an adult, I know my limitations. However there kids at a very young that are already tech savvy and do not know the limitations between enjoying the technology and being too dependent on it. It’s a topic I’d like to discuss more so I’ll be making a separate post about it in the near future.

Another issue that was discussed by Miss Garon and one of her students is about aggressive behavior at a young age. Another topic that deserved a separate blog post. Disclaimer: Blurring the speaker’s face for confidentiality.

After the interesting discussion was a number by Parentin.TV member Star Orjaliza who sang her version of Mandy Moore’s Only Hope.

Then Pehpot of Make or Break and Joy of Occasions of Joy presented the collected letters from mommy bloggers to Miss Tin-Tin Bersola-Babao. She said that she was really touched.

The last topic discussed was about eating healthier foods and alkalinity by health advocate Ms. Zonito Torevillas-Tamase.

She also shared with us a healthy and yummy fruit shake: a mix of mangoes, bananas and one tablespoon of malunggay powder. It was so good and no added sugar!

Unfortunately, my camera battery died while in the middle of Ms. Zonita’s discussion and didn’t get the chance to capture all of her useful slides. But I’ll update this post as soon as I borrowed some photographs from a fellow mommy blogger. That and the photographs taken from hotel tour by Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.

Last but not the least were the gifts given to us by Parentin.TV and their generous sponsors:

Mommy Smart Steps

I super love the 1 GB USB in the mini washing machine. It’s a mini shirt. So cute!

I also won a Robby Rabbit school bag from the raffle! It’s pink, it’s cute and it looks so sturdy. I will keep this bag so Una can use it when she enters grade school… in 3 years time. Hahaha!

The healthy chips on the right is courtesy of Ms. Zonito. I already finished half of it! And of course, the super soft Uratex Permasoft Pillow. I already covered it with linen and ready to use.

Thank you so much ParenTIN.TV! Happy 2nd Anniversary and more power to you guys!

- – -

Want to be part of this awesome community? Register for free at their website.
Facebook: – The First Philippines Online Parenting Show
Twitter: ParenTINtvshow

You can also watch the online shows on television via the Knowledge Channel, Sky Cable Ch. 42. Schedule:
Sundays at 8 p.m.
Mondays at 7:20 p.m.
Wednesdays at 8:40 p.m.
Saturdays at 9 a.m., 2 p.m. and 9 p.m.

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16 Responses to’s 2nd Anniversary: Bloggers Day

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi sis! Thanks for sharing :) – I’ll be waiting for your post about Internet Addiction. 6 months pa ang baby ko pero he loves to play and bang the keyboard.

  2. Tetcha says:

    Too bad I missed this yesterday! I was ready to go, but my son had fever again, so I decided not to attend this event anymore.

  3. Josie says:

    ang bilis mo magpost. :) will do mine pa siguro tomorrow mag-eedit pa ng mga pics, but I really enjoyed the event and you guys, we’re really like one big family.

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  5. Olga says:

    Wah! Wait lang, di ko pa finish ayusin ang photos ng slides. I’m really awful at taking pictures so some of them are blurry.
    I had a wonderful time with all the PMC Mommies. Sarap mag day-off! Learned a lot also from the speakers. Superbait ni Tin-Tin, ano?

  6. Ane says:

    I think I may guilty of internet addiction too! :P

    I have not signed up for yet, but I will after this.. :) Thanks for sharing Gene! :)

  7. Chris says:

    it was great meeting you :) and the rest of the moms :) had a wonderful time as well! PARENTIN.TV is really a great family!

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  9. Vernz says:

    wow, galing nyo diyan sa Manila dami Mommy events… ako di pa member dito.. ang laya kaya ng Manila kung me event.. hehe :) thanks for visit :)

    • Gene says:

      Some mommy bloggers attend to other events too, mas active sila. :D Ako sometimes lang. Actually, this is my first ever event this year. The only gathering I attended other than this was PMC grand eyeball, hindi rin event. :D

  10. maiylah says:

    internet addiction…mukhang guilty ako dyan!
    my youngest (who recently turned three this month) also loves viewing his spiderman and ben10 videos on youtube…he does all the choosing and clicking, and when he’s done he shuts down the computer himself. lol. with me watching behind, of course. :)

    • Gene says:

      I think as long as we are guiding them when they are watching and we only limit their viewing time then that’s okay.

  11. Mirage says:

    Yummyummy! I’d love to try the malunggay powder lol! hayyss less internet talaga I’m getting there.

  12. arcee says:

    i wish to join in this event next year…pano sis? parang ang saya, kakainggit!

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