On motivation and not giving up

Most of the time, you’ll hear the phrase “Una, no!” in our household. Then it’s almost always followed by “Stop!”

Living with a toddler, I can’t help but try and protect her by saying no and stop. Especially when she’s being her curious self and would reach through things that could possibly hurt her. It’s an endless struggle. Kind of tiring when all you hear around is all these negative words. Makes me feel that I’m somehow stopping her from growing up. I know sooner or later I will have to let go and tell her “good luck” instead of stopping her. I cannot wait for that moment.

mommy and unaI think that’s the huge difference between us adults and them little kids. They are not afraid to trying new things. They are always motivated, always willing to learn. Compared to us who experienced a few good and bad moments in our lives. Most often than not, we let the bad experience control us thus making us wary of trying new experiences.

Earlier today, there is a bottled beverage that I wanted to drink. I tried opening it but the cap was so tight. After a few tries and a sore hand, I gave up. Una saw the bottled beverage and asked me to open it. I told her I can’t because my hand is ouchie. Knowing Una, she didn”t take no for an answer and insisted that I open it. So I tried again and again. Of course, Una helped by cheering me on.

How can I give up when I hear my daughter cheer “Go, go, Mommy!” repeatedly?

Baligtad yata. It’s supposed to be me cheering her with her new life experiences and here I am telling her stop and no all the time. And now, just as I gave up trying to open the bottle she would motivate me and cheer on me that I can do it.

Suffice to say, I opened the bottled beverage and she’s enjoying the drink as I type this.

This is what I love about motherhood. When I learn new things from my kid. It makes me feel so proud that I created this little person. And she was created to change my perspective in life.

If the incident above happened when I was younger, I would most likely threw a tantrum like an immature person that I was and drink of something else instead.

Can you imagine a little girl motivating you and telling you to not give up?

In her own simple way, my 31 month old toddler actually did just that.

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6 Responses to On motivation and not giving up

  1. So very true! We could learn from a toddler and babies motivation, they don’t give up and keep trying! We hear alot of no’s and stops and uh uha’s in our house too :)

  2. jared's mum says:

    i must agree! my little one is my own motivation, too not to mention he’s altered my perspective in life beyond expectations! babies truly are a blessing :)

    hugs + kisses to Una! mwah!

  3. Mitchteryosa says:

    I can so relate.

    Around May of this year, our new VP just joined and as part of the Marketing Team, we were asked to present our future objectives and plans. I had to do for the marketing side, tapos I told my daughter I’ll be busy that weekend coz I have to prepare for my presentation on Monday. She asked what presentation is, so I explained her as if she could understand. Tapos come Monday, when I called home sabi nya “Mama, galingan mo sa presentation mo ha?” Seems like an achievement for me already di pa man…

  4. joy says:

    Cute naman hihi, kids live on what they learn, you are doing great in upbringing your daughter, congrats!

    Nga pala the Parakito bracelet I bought it at Php700 in my son’s school, the two pellets cost 250, a pellet is good for 15 days, ang alam ko you can buy it at one of the sports store in Trinoma, i just do not know the name of the sports store hehe. Kung gusto mo naman ng mas cheaper, yun designed patches by bayer yan ang mas binibili ko, it is only Php50 (6 patches), i buy it at Mercury drug store, meron din sa national bookstore :)

  5. Nice and touching story of parenting….

    Our kids always do carefree things that little did they know inspires us their parents….

    Visiting from Filipina Bloggers United (FBU)

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