mommy is out of service

This mommy will be out of service for the time being.

Hopefully I’ll get back to my full health soon. I have the sniffles and slight fever that’s why I have the face mask. Though I woke up with my face mask down, I realized it was Offspring’s fault because she pulled it down as soon as I put it back on.

I already double dose my Vitamin C, drank orange juice, herbal tea and water alternatively and had hot soup for my meals. This is the first time I have gotten sick on my own since I gave birth to Offspring 26 months ago, usually she’ll get sick then it will be transferred to me. I pray that my virus won’t reach her.

What’s your home remedy for the colds?

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4 Responses to mommy is out of service

  1. rj's mama says:

    1000mg of vitC, herbal tea and lots and lots of good ol’ h2o :) get well sis

  2. Bambs ♥ says:

    wow nice naka-mask :) dapat lang para di mahawa si Baby… hope you’re feeling better now.

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