mommy is alive!

I am so glad that my sniffles didn’t go into a full blown flu. I have a wonderful hubby who took care of me and Offspring while I was sick.

Weird thing about me is that whenever I am sick, I crave for chicken sopas, siopao or Chowking’s spicy beef noodles. Papa used to buy me Kowloon siopao or Jollibee hamburger when I was sick. I always have the cough and colds when I was a kid, pretty obvious in my report card in Grade 6 that showed a total of 30 days of absence from school. Mom’s conclusion was they have to spend a lot of money on me first before I get better. Understandable because after my check-ups she would treat me to a restaurant beside Metropolitan Hospital to eat Kare-Kare and I would get better the next day.

I seldom get sick since I had Offspring. Except for the one time that I had a flu when I was still pregnant with her and had to be rushed to the emergency room because I had difficulty breathing.

I don’t want Offspring to be as sickly as this mommy. One reason why I am still breastfeeding her, 26 months and counting. I also introduced her to fruits (puree) as early as 4 months old. I am so glad that she loves it because DK doesn’t like fruits except for some mango and banana. I never thought that it will come to this day that I would have to include fruits in our groceries. Watch Offspring below watching her favorite cartoon show while eating an apple.

Lastly, thank you RJ’s mama for leaving a comment in my previous post, very much appreciated.

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9 Responses to mommy is alive!

  1. blankPixels says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing better sis. *hugs*

  2. Teresa says:

    Pei pa koa is pretty decent cough medicine (from herbal as I remembered), great non alcoholic medicine, some western cough medicine are more effective, but this is non drowsy.

    You can access info online @

    • Gene says:

      I heard of it before but I’m not really into trying things, especially if I don’t understand what’s in the label. Feeling safe. :D

  3. Bambs ♥ says:

    ANg cute naman ng Offspring mo hehe.. so serious pa habang ninanamnam yung apple nya. You know what, sakitin din ako nung bata ako, at gustong gusto ko naman kasi nasusunod lagi ang gusto ko lol.

    Pero syempre, ayoko maging sakitin si Patootee kaya naman well balance ang food nya. I think effective kasi in 2 years, di pa sya nilagnat talaga, hanggang sinat lang. Kaya prepare healthy foods to your cutie daughter always para di sya magkasakit. Favorite ko nga gawin yan kasi easy lang.. kuha ka ideas dun sa photoblog ko (

    Have a nice week dear xoxo

    • Gene says:

      thanks! kakagutom nga ang mga ginagawa mong food for Anzu. hindi ko yata kaya gawin lahat except for the recent one with pancakes and eggs.

  4. Ane says:

    Hi Gene! Glad you feel better.. :)

    I rarely get sick, like only twice a year, but it is the worst ever, as in I have to be admitted-to-the-hospital kind of sick.. :P Last year in December I had measles, at my age, and I already had measles when I was a kid, bummer right? So I think I won’t be sick until middle of this year.. :P

    My kids love fruits and veges, me, not so much.. They eat my veges for me, hehe but I do eat veges, I just don’t like it.. :P The only fruits I like are blueberries and strawberries, all the rest, bleh.. :P

    Here’s to your full recovery.. :)

    • Gene says:

      Inggit ako! I love strawberries pero ang mahal na pagdating dito. :( Nung pumunta ako ng Baguio, bumili ako ng pasalubong na strawberries, pagdating sa bahay, kalahati na lang kasi kinain ko sa bus yung binili ko, hahaha!

      May blueberries din sa Baguio?!? Not fair!

  5. Ganyan din ako sis nung bata ako. Parang gusto ko lang makita yung Pedia ko daw haha! At magdeposito sa doctor ng pera LOL! Parang nagdadahilan lang daw ako pag nasa ospital na.

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