making new traditions

As DK mentioned, start the year right with an out of town trip. And the perfect day to do just that is the first day of the year. We don’t usually wake up early, but in spite of sleeping late we still managed to get up early and hit the road. One and a half hour later we have this view welcoming us:
taal lake
We had lomi noodles for breakfast earlier that day but DK wanted to experience eating in Mushroomburger so we went further south to Mushroomburger for our early lunch. I love Mushroomburger, there is nothing special with their rice meals but dining there is such an experience. It so homey and makes me feel like I grew up in the area. It’s an experience I want to keep coming back to. Plus eating their burgers are our lame attempt of eating healthy.
It’s Offspring’s first time visiting Tagaytay. I think she liked the place, especially the Picnic Grove. Even after going through the oh-so-tiring-but-still-enjoyable walkway. I can only imagine our future trips here: lots of running and learning how to fly a kite.
We didn’t stay that long in the park. After having our burgers and resting for a bit we rushed back to the Metro to visit my father in Manila. Of course, we didn’t forget to buy the usual pasalubong of barquillos and buko pie for the family.
There are still a lot of things we want to do while in Tagaytay not to mention the restaurants we want to try. Hopefully in the near future, like this-summer-future.
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