Little tot + Nintendo DS Lite

A matter of child versus child at heart.

This little toddler realized that it is no longer fun watching Mommy play with her Nintendo DS Lite. So she went ahead and play with it on her own. By the looks of it, she’s getting pretty good in maneuvering the cars in Mario Kart.

toddler playing Nintendo DS Lite

She wouldn’t even let me help her when she’s stuck in a corner. My stubborn but wise little girl, ladies and gentlemen.

This is my second entry to Smart Mommy’s Kids in Doodles.

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16 Responses to Little tot + Nintendo DS Lite

  1. Kendrick have one too and I dare not to touch it! lol!

    Thanks for joiningKids In doodles.

  2. Mirage says:

    I like games but when my kids came I stayed at the backseat just watching them :) Can’t keep up! lol

  3. Mirage says:

    wait mo lang sis, next time ikaw na tuturuan nya! :D

  4. raya says:

    wow, a little techie you have there sis! cute talaga ni Una.. thanks for dropping by my KID… :)

  5. Pinx says:

    aawwwsss…at such a young age, already playing DS! we have a DS here at home and nobody plays with it… hehehe.. visiting your KID entry! hope you can drop by mine too!

  6. maLyth says:

    I can relate… may i ask how you impose discipline with your kid regarding playing time?

    Is it a form of reward too? We do that with Zoe… but an hour of playing is a constant battle… and you know 3 years old couldn’t get enough…

    thanks… and God bless.

    • Gene says:

      We let Una do whatever she wants, most of the time her days are filled with playtime. She’s only two yet very eager to learn but also very stubborn. Her toys are mostly educational so she can still learn while playing.

      What we really need is limit her time watching the telly. I don’t watch TV myself but in-laws introduced cartoons to her and she’s been attached to it ever since. It’s a lifesaver sometimes but she’s losing so much time watching instead of learning with her toys.

  7. January says:

    hehehe ang galing naman ni little girl. next time sis ikaw na tuturuan nyan.. hehe

    Late Visit from KID At The Back Seat

  8. jared's mum says:

    wow, cool stuff! i don’t even know how to operate one. kids are just so advanced this days…si jared naman is intrigued with my ipod and plays with it whenever he can…:)

  9. anne says:

    In time she will be the one to teach you na with the new games in the future hehehe

  10. mommy-jheng says:

    Next thing you’ll know, di mo na yan mahahawakan :D.
    Kids this days are very techie,hehehe

    My K.I.D entry is up here. Hope you can visit me too!

  11. air says:

    i remeber my son the first time he learn to play in my cp now he is now conquering online games in grand chase and sf, he is only 7 yrs old now…

    visiting thru tbe links, pls check my latest post

  12. wow galing naman..
    Super late visiting from KIDS’s my
    KIDS ..
    Inviting you to join Mama Shengkay Orange tomorrow..
    Have a nice day!

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