Kid Friendly Mobile App: Scribble

This little girl likes to write, write, write.

Una writes

The Scribble app for my Nokia 5800 is my new lifesaver. It keeps the little girl occupied while we were waiting for our food. The best feature about it is that you can save her doodles as jpeg file on your phone.

Notice how practiced she is in holding the stylus?

The photos above were taken during one of those rainy days this summer. Notice the crochet bear hat? I made that for her! And I am so glad to tell you that it is her favorite hat. She never leaves home without it.

Linking this entry to Pink Fridays.

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22 Responses to Kid Friendly Mobile App: Scribble

  1. Vhen says:

    wow, kids these days are addicted to gadgets. very far from our childhood days hehehe…

    ang cute nag hat, madali lang ba gawin un? hehehe

    thanks for stopping by!

    • Gene says:

      It’s actually easy kapag may pattern na sinusundan. This is a modified version because the original pattern calls for a different yarn so there’s a lot of re-dos and adjustments.

  2. arcee says:

    hmmm, i can see a future writer/blogger already:) how i wish i have that kind of phone, too:)

  3. Vernz says:

    sis, gosh my kids almost whacked their pa’s cellphone because of this doodle app.. kaloka .. but awesome love it… was here for PF.

  4. My daughter loves to write to, kahit saan yun nagsusulat haha…anyway ganda naman ng hat na gawa mo sis, i also do chocheting so far i can only make headband and flower, di ko pa kayang gumawa ng hat na ganyan…sana matuto den ako haha. btw thanks for visiting my pink entry too:-) Happy PF! mwahhhh:-)

    and oh btw, can we exchange links?

  5. Lainy says:

    Children nowadays are too techy. I feel so ancient, LOL!

    Thanks for the comment at my PF entry at I am returning the favor.


  6. imriz says:

    wow, techie and savvy kid:) how cute was the personally made hat:)

  7. Gene says:

    Of course! I’ll add you in my mommy blogger’s blogroll. ;)

  8. Parang naiinitan naman ako sa outfit nya,although she look so serious in playing.

  9. tejan says:

    hehhe..pareho tau yong game sa fon or sa computer pang busy sa ako girl not to disturb me..hehe

    visiting back from PF

  10. silvergirl says:

    wow, kids are so smart nowadays because of gadget,

  11. mama says:

    ang saya! how much is it mommy? parang magandang choice yan a. i am looking for a new phone kasi e. looking for alternatives :D

    moms, i have simple guessing game in my blog. hope u can join :d

    Guess how many balls giveaway

  12. dorry lyn says:

    the pretty techie young lady :)

    thanks sis for visiting my PF entry

  13. cheerful says:

    kids today are getting more into new technology…:) and that’s a nice hat, galing mo naman sis! visiting from PF and wishing you a great weekend! :)

  14. Keanna says:

    haha! A clever way to keep her busy. Visiting from PF. Sorry for the late visit, though. Here’s MINE. See you around.

  15. Cookie says:

    galing mo naman mg crochet! at ang techie ng little girl mo. visiting from my PF entry. Thanks for dropping by also ;-)

  16. SavvyMama says:

    galing talaga nang mga kids these days..high tech na eh…ehehhehe! thanks for hopping by my PF!

  17. Dhemz says:

    that is too cute….ang laki na ni Una….:)

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