Kamaboko or Japanese Pureed Fish

I finally found a store that sells Japanese raw food. I’ve been seeing kamaboko or Japanese pureed fish in bento online. I didn’t know what it is or what it taste like. All I know is that it’s cute and very colorful.

While I was visiting Mommy blogs, I stumble upon Anzu’s blog Labambita and saw all the delicious food prepared to her by her Mommy Bambie. It piqued my interest even more with this little cute pureed fish.

Earlier this week, DK requested that I make Japanese curry. So while we were buying our groceries in Shopwise Cubao, DK saw some cute little food pieces in the frozen section. There are different kinds of kamaboko and we chose two shapes: fish and bunny.

As soon as we got home I steamed three pieces of the fish shape then include it in my cup noodles. It was so good! The taste is similar to our fish balls but the texture is a bit rubbery like that of a squid ball.

Sadly, Una didn’t like it because it’s too tough for her. Oh well, more kamaboko for me!

Have you tried Japanese pureed fish? How about any new food discovery?

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4 Responses to Kamaboko or Japanese Pureed Fish

  1. rj's mama says:

    sa shopwise lang ba meron nyan sis? baka if i taste it, magustuhan ko, sira diet! :D

    Please join Mom-ME time. A new meme where you can share the ME-time that you resently had.

    • Gene says:

      So far, sa Shopwise pa lang ako nag-grocery ulit. I’ll let you know kapag napadpad ako ng SM Hypermart. ;-)

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. Faith says:

    I’ve seen some kamaboko turned into flowers in bento, so cute! I love the fishes!

    Unfortunately don’t even have an Asian market near by, which is major yuck because Japanese and Chinese food (non Americanized AND Americanized) are my favorites to the point of annoying those around me, lol.

  3. shengkay says:

    ayay! parang laruan lang ah..hehehe..
    dito meron kaya nyan? hehehe..
    Mommy you might want to join Orange Tuesdays Meme. Would love to see you there..still open till Saturday..

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