Is It Time for Preschool Yet?

When I was younger, preschool means your family is capable of paying private schools, or at least that’s what I think it is. My siblings and I all went to public schools, from kindergarten up to college level. We cannot afford to be sent to preschool but we started kindergarten armed with the basic knowledge of education: reading, writing, and counting. We have our parents, siblings and the telly to thank for. Don’t raise your eyebrows at me, I learned a lot from Sesame Street and Batibot when I was younger. With the proper guidance, television can be a powerful source of information to kids these days.

yellow Abakada bookI’m not sure if what my parents and siblings did can be categorized as homeschooling or is it simply called a tutorial. Heck, I am not even sure what’s the whole idea behind homeschooling (and unschooling). Whatever it is that you’d like to call it, I’m still thankful that I learned a lot from home, especially with the yellow ABaKaDa book. Too bad, I can no longer find a copy of that book, I would go crazy going over its pages with Una. I think the ABaKaDa book is an essential part of our learning experience. So if you can tell me where I can find one, I’d appreciate it. I remember my mom even covered my 2nd book with a plastic cover because my first copy was ripped to pieces by my younger brother.

Now that Una is 3 years old (and 2 months), I try to find ways to teach her at home. Though we can afford (sort of) some of the preschools near our place, it is still too expensive in our current budget and I am not that confident about the school’s reputation. So I’m trying to teach Una what I can at home.

At 3 years old, she can say her ABCs and count from 1-20. She is also familiar with most of the objects at home, some of the common animals and can follow simple instructions. I think it’s about time that we move on to other subjects such as reading, writing properly and adding words to her vocabulary. And I wanted to lessen her limited TV time.

Like I said, I have no idea how homeschooling works but homeschooling websites such as 1+1+1=1 offers a lot of preschool worksheets and ideas for toddler activities that you can download for free.¬†We are still in a trial and error mode and I will be mixing and matching ideas from different websites to match with Una’s learning development. This is my way of preparing her to preschool — hah! did I just say that? — come June this year, or at least until we find a nice summer class for her next month.

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20 Responses to Is It Time for Preschool Yet?

  1. imriz says:

    i sooo can relate, i never went to preschool. i had the “abakada” book as most treasured book when i was about to enter grade 1. there’s vendors who still sell that book, i get to see it before the stary of every schoolyear (on the bangketa^_^)

    and, yes, i grew up w/ sesame street. maybe, we’re of the same age bracket?

  2. imriz says:

    i sooo can relate, i never went to preschool. i had the “abakada” book as most treasured book when i was about to enter grade 1. there’s vendors who still sell that book, i get to see it before the stary of every schoolyear (on the bangketa^_^)

    and, yes, i grew up w/ sesame street. maybe, we’re of the same age bracket?

    • Gene says:

      Probably, I’m in my late 20s. ;D

      Thanks, I’ll check the local stores especially near the schools for ABaKada book. Perhaps they are not available in big bookstores.

  3. chrisair says:

    abakada book was the first that makes me happy, I’m dying to get one even on my grade 2 lol

  4. Manette says:

    I remember we used to have a neighbor who taught kindergarten to the kids in our neighborhood. I went to her school when I was 3. just to play with the other children but she also taught me how to read and write so I was already prepared for Grade 1 at the age of 5.

    I used the yellow Abakada book when I taught my kids the basic reading. I was able to get a copy in the dry section of our local market for 10 pesos each. I suggest you also purchase posters of the alphabet, numbers from 1 to 100, parts of the body, and other basics you think she may need. Point to each letter as you sing the alphabet song. do the same thing with numbers as you count. It worked for my kids. I also learned from my eldest that his preschool teacher used the same technique in teaching them the alphabet. Good luck!

    • Gene says:

      Thanks, that’s a great idea. We used her ABC poster to point out objects. Guess I should have made a point to sing the ABCs in front of the poster too.

  5. rachelle says:

    I had a mom who’s a public school teacher but unfortunately i can’t remember the time she taught me the basics. my vague memory was that i used to copy the works of my big bro as a child. and that walk i had with my dad from the school i was supposed to enroll in kindergarten and he was telling me that i got a high score in the entrance exam. (now i’m really wondering how i got that..) good thing nowadays there’s internet and numerous site where we can source out exercises for our kids.

  6. levy says:

    I can relate too. There is an Abakada book (the yellow one) at National Bookstores, mga P12.00 each ata yun.

    • Gene says:

      Thanks Levy. Sa Powerbooks at Fully Booked kasi ako lagi napapadpad. Delikado ako sa National Bookstore, napapagastos ako hahaha.

  7. Mirage says:

    I can’t remember any books I used :( …hmmm but I remember my mom teaching me how to read and write…Now that I am a mom I never had problems with the kids learning hot to write and read and even add numbers because daughter learned from copying from books…son1 learned from daughter and son2 learned from son1. ;) It’s too early I think, she still needs time spent with you and her dad…I think 5 is a good age to start going to school…just my 2 cents…

  8. Josie says:

    I sent my kids when they were already 5 years old in pre-school and started grade school at 6, I let them enjoy their childhood with their cousins and playmates, I just taught them to count and say the Lord’s prayer, how to always say po and opo with elders, you know the simple good manners :).. And made them watch Sesame St and Batibot when at home.

  9. marri says:

    dati pa nga, pwede nang SALING-GITGIT.
    but now, preschool seems to be a pre-requisite as well.
    if our kids don’t attend preschool, they may be left behind and can hardly cope up with the lessons.

  10. Stef says:

    Kids now a days start to go to school at age 4. My elder daughter skipped nursery at 4yo.

  11. Gagay says:

    both my parents were educators but as far as i could remember, they never taught us at home..we all have gone preschool, should i say from the most basic learning method..they both believe that learning from home is different from home we learned mostly morals and values..but in school, the basic writing, reading and the like..they never forced us to learn reading and writing in our early years at home..we learned them in school.

  12. Stacy says:

    I started preschool at the age of 2. My mom believes the earlier the better

  13. Very thoughtful post. I do believe with the right guidence television can be a great learning tool. Thank you for stopping by my blog. i am happy meet you and visit your blog. You have a very interesting blog style.

  14. bev says:

    I can relate, grade one din ako agad, i never experienced preschool. I agree television can be a learning tool as long as there is proper guidance…

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