Home Remedies for Sore Throat

This week proves to be a tough one. My flu vaccine failed!

Last week, daughter got her colds from his uncle. It’s so hard to make her take medicine so we use alternative home remedies to make her comfortable. Thank goodness for her strong immune system, she was able to beat that and got better in time for her second trimester exams. Unfortunately, I got her virus and I was beaten, or more likely, the virus defeated my flu vaccine.

Seeing as I can easily take any medication, I took this over-the-counter medication that was advertised to help prevent flu but it felt like it only made me worse. I am never going to take that pill again! I felt so drugged up and nauseated. I was so useless to my family.

home remedies for sore throat

After that, I decided to do what I did for my daughter, home remedies for sore throat in particular, because that’s what bother me most. Sure the fever and body pains can be easily remedied with a Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. But for sore throat and stuffy nose, here what I did…

Drink lots of fluids. We need to be well hydrated all the time but whenever I am not feeling well, I go an extra mile (ehem, litre) with my fluids. I drink a lot of water, juice and herbal tea.

Gargle warm salt water. I don’t have any exact measurement to this because I don’t taste anything right when I am sick. I just make sure that the water is as salty as the sea water and the water is warm, almost hot but not scalding.

Alternative tip: If you have Bactidol or Listerine in your household, it can also help you ease your sore throat.

Drink hot drinks. Peppermint tea is my favourite because it helps clear out my clogged nose too. I also drink coffee in the morning.

Take a warm bath. If you grew up where I live, you’re probably not allowed to take a bath when you’re sick. Getting sick makes me feel gross and a warm bath will not only make me feel comfortable but the steam from the bath helps ease the clogged nose, thus making your sore throat feel better.

Drink citrus juice. A mixture of lemon/lime/calamansi with honey and warm water makes a great combination to help ease sore throat. Just make sure to not include the pulp bits because it can get itchy while going down.

Lozenges. There was this Chinese brand lozenges that my brother gave me before that has a numbing ingredient. I swear I didn’t feel my sore throat and my tongue for a few minutes. The most common lozenges with menthol or eucalyptus work great as well.

Alternative tip: If you can stomach the spiciness of ginger as a lozenge then do so. It works great for me! Ginger ale is also great for stomach aches.

Eat chicken soup. I don’t know about you but I can only eat chicken soup or rice porridge with chicken whenever I’m sick. It’s like a heartwarming dish and one of my favourite Filipino dish, Tinola, has ginger in it.

Drink lagundi extract. This is my mother in-law’s specialty. She just boiled some lagundi leaves then added sugar (preferably honey) to the extract. If you cannot find lagundi leaves, lagundi syrup can now be bought in local drug stores.

All of the above are safe and effective with my 4 year old daughter except for the hot drinks and lozenges because she doesn’t drink tea, can only take lukewarm drinks and doesn’t like the taste of lozenges. As for the lagundi syrup, we consulted her pediatrician first before giving it to her.

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23 Responses to Home Remedies for Sore Throat

  1. alexiq says:

    As season changing. We people might have difficulties on adopting the new season coming like for instant winter. That’s why our body became more weak and eventually got this minor ill like cough and colds even sore throat. good thing! you have such informative post here where we can easily to follow or do as we got ourselves an sore throat due of the cold breeze air we’re encountering today.. Thank you!

  2. Nice suggestion for colds and other illness, but for some items are for daily use to combat sickness.

  3. I myself try not to depend too much on medicines and find alternative ways for finding solutions to minor health concerns.

    • Gene says:

      The only medication I drink now is Advil or Biogesic for headache. I just cannot take the pain, and those two pills are generally safe.

  4. Nova S says:

    I guess it is best for our immune system to fight some simple bacterias inorder for them to fight them better and we get heal quickly.

  5. betchai says:

    ginger drink is very good for sore throats, actually, i love drinking it that i drink it even i do not have one, love it with any citrus fruits.

  6. papaleng says:

    Many of those mentioned above are part of my wife’s sore throat medication, specially that of thrice a day gargle with lukewarm salt water. I often advice her , why not take sea water na lang.. LOL

  7. I’ve experienced sore throat and it’s not funny as I can’t sing so well! These home remedies are so helpful and I might consider this one as an alternative cure for sore throat. Thanks for this one! :D

  8. Raya says:

    Hope are better now, sis! I am still suffering from these rashes that’s caused by virus… but at least I am free from fever. Thanks for these helpful tips!

    • Gene says:

      That’s good to know! I hate this time of the year where everyone gets sick. Buti na lang si Una, malakas ang resistensya.

  9. lencilicious says:

    These are good tips. I take manuka honey whenever I have colds or sore throat. It works great on me.

  10. I absolutely agree with the ginger and lemon. During winter, my husband always requests for ginger tea (salabat). When I first introduced him to salabat, he was very hesitant but when he proved that it is good for colds and sore throat, he requests for it lol.

    • Gene says:

      My father makes great salabat. I don’t get why some prefer to use the ready to mix salabat, it’s so easy to make from scratch.

  11. These helpful tips are what I needed right now. I start to feel sick :-( and my throat starts to get hurt :-( I am sucking a candy right now. I will try the warm water with salt, drink lots of fluids and hope it will help as I do not like to take medicine when I get sick :-( I am stubborn that way :-)

  12. Rcel says:

    I don’t think that one shall never get sick when she has had a flu vaccine. Getting sick, after all, is inevitable. The shot just helps minimize the degree or severity of the sickness. But you have highlighted great stuff here that can absolutely help in dealing with the cold. I hope you feel well the soonest!

  13. Pinx says:

    When we first came here in Canada, that was last year, we all had flu due to the change of climate, we had sore throat, colds, cough, it was so hard, plus it was very cold for us! We had boiled ginger and drank the water, squeezed in some lemon to relieve us of our flu! It was terrible. Now that it’s Fall here and everyone’s sniffling, and it’s getting cold, these home remedies are so ready in my pantry!

  14. I love taking chicken soup everytime I feel like I’m going to be sick. It’s very comforting. Taking a warm bath helps a lot too. My mum prefers me to gargle lukewarm water and salt. Thank you for collecting all home remedies for sore throat! ^_^

  15. Marie says:

    We usually have the lozenges but I go with lots of fluid and the lemon treatment…works like a charm! ;)

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