Having a used car for a family car

Having a used car for a family car…┬áis like having a second child. You’ll spend a lot of money getting it — just like giving birth to a newborn baby — and spent thousands for the car maintenance (monthly vaccines anyone?).

family car | suspension

But one thing I am sure of, it didn’t break our hearts — that much — when it was swallowed by flood just a few months after we bought it. Of course, the daughter was the top priority that day and didn’t give enough attention on rescuing the car. But I must admit, it felt like the second child was hospitalized based on how much we spent on its repairs. Car insurance is not that useful on used cars here, except that you need to have it — and have to waste a considerable amount of money for something useless — just so you can complete the annual car registration.

But despite all that, I still love our family car. It’s dependable and it never stalled on us while on the road. It kept us safe and haven’t encountered any accidents so far. I guess that I can attribute to hubby’s careful driving. Lastly, it wouldn’t hurt as much if I happen to crash it once I start learning how to drive this year. I’m hoping that I won’t get to that but I’ve been really good when riding the bump car and I am good at avoiding them bump cars. If I base it on that I think I have potential in the driving department, hehehe!

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2 Responses to Having a used car for a family car

  1. bev says:

    I agree…having a car is like having another baby. I just cant imagine our expenses if we have a car at the moment, buti wala pa…: )

    • Gene says:

      Buti na lang we seldom use it. Kapag umaalis lang kasama si Una. Pero si hubby, hindi na sanay mag-commute, hehehe.

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