happy holidays!

There are so many things I’d like to talk about the holiday season but I don’t know where to start. It’s still not our ideal way of celebrating Christmas. Unlike most Catholics, we (at least in my in-laws’ case) don’t really put that much effort in Noche Buena. I miss having wonderful family dinners when I was a kid in my father’s house. I grew up to that tradition and hopefully we’ll be able to have that again, soon.
My in-laws place is still in the process of fixing things so we didn’t have the space for a tree but we don’t want Offspring to miss something traditional such as a Christmas. DK suggested that we buy her a small tree and we found a battery operated miniature Christmas tree that’s perfect for Offspring.
look at how small the tree is
The photo above cracks me up. Two of those gifts (the biggest and medium sized) are for Offspring. We’re trying not to spoil her with toys that why we only limit it into two gifts, one from each of us. The other gifts are for our inaanak.
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