Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!

Talk about super late in posting. But it was a fun and tiring day for us.

chinese dragon dance

We went to Manila Chinatown in Binondo after lunch. The place were still crowded with lots of activity — dragon dancing and firecrackers — everywhere we looked.

Una was hugging DK tightly for she was scared of the firecracker sounds. She was also a bit intimidated by the dragon dancers so we didn’t have any photo with them. But she was a brave little monster when she saw me reviewing the photos I took. She kept on saying “Mommy, dragon. Rawr!”

una in carvajal street

The photo above is the only decent photo of  Una without Strawberry Shortcake photo bombing her. Taken along Carvajal Street.

We didn’t stay long to wait for the parade in the afternoon. The restaurants in ¬†Chinatown were all crowded and have waiting lines in front of them. So no Chinese food for us. Boohoo! But there were lots of tikoy (nian gao in Hokkien) everywhere and we bought 3 boxes of tikoy (2 types of tikoy for us: white and brown and 1 box as pasalubong to Papa who leaves near Binondo) from Eng Bee Tin to try. Would you believe that their ube hopia (and any other hopia imaginable) were sold out in their stores?

With tired feet and heavy with the boxes of tikoy, we decided to head to the mall nearby to have late lunch instead.

More details and photos here in our travel blog.

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2 Responses to Happy Chinese New Year!

  1. Mirage says:

    Super cute ng outfit and I love that she’s looking back at you in this shot!

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