happy birthday offspring!

Our little girl turned two!
It was a simple celebration, just family and some friends. We decided to order in instead of renting a restaurant like we did on her first birthday last year. I think I like it better this way. We celebrated in our own pace and we didn’t worry about Offspring making a mess of the place. We ordered Pancit Malabon, pichi-pichi and pork barbeque from Amber, HUGE pizza from Calda, cake from Goldilocks and then my pops surprised us with roasted chicken and ice cream. To make things a bit kid friendly, I made the staple kiddie party food of hotdog + mallows on sticks while MIL made macaroni and fruit salad.

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Unfortunately, the day didn’t end well like we hoped for. Offspring had a small accident that involved broken glasses and we had to bring her to the emergency room to get her wound thoroughly cleaned. Thank God she didn’t need stitches, just a patch of Steri-strip to keep it close and clean.
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