Haircut for a toddler

This Mommy wants to do things on her own.

I was inspired by one of those Japanese books that teach its readers how to cut and style a child’s hair. This was a cheaper alternative than attending cosmetology school. I cannot apply those styles to my little girl because of her thin hair but I like to trim it once in a while. Obviously, I do not have a couple of hundred dollars to spare like Katie Holmes to hire a stylist for her daughter Suri just for a haircut. We live a simple life and as much as possible, I would like to start doing simple things such as a haircut by ourselves.

The first time I tried cutting U-chan’s hair, it was just a couple of months after she turned one. We celebrated her second birthday last month and her hair grown passed her shoulders already. She wouldn’t let me tie it into a pony and with the summer fast approaching I decided it is time for another haircut.

With a sharp tool in hand and her favorite distraction aka Disney Playhouse playing in the background, I situated myself behind her back and deftly positioned my scissors. I would suggest that you study your child’s reaction first before approaching them with a sharp object. In my case, I practiced with my fingers and pretended to cut her hair. Whenever she moves, I move my “pretend scissors” away from her. If you felt your fingers touched her head, you are not ready to do this part. Practice, practice, practice. Knowing your child’s reaction by heart and a fast reflex is a key to do this task.

Snip, snip, snip.

haircut by yours truly

Viola! Instant haircut.

Have you tried cutting your child’s hair?

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9 Responses to Haircut for a toddler

  1. Sis, may career ka nakakakitaan kita ng promise dyan hehehhehe…nagakabody ang hair ni baby

    • Gene says:

      hahaha! sana lang lahat ng bata madaling pag-aralan ang galaw, kakatakot i-handle ang anak ng iba. si hubby pa lang yung other person na ginupitan ko na ng buhok.

  2. levy says:

    wow galing… tipid na maganda pa resulta! pwede yan gawing negosyo sis :0

  3. Gene says:

    Thanks Levy! I’m not sure I have the guts to use my skills to other children. For now, I would practice my hair cutting techniques with my hubby and daughter.

  4. Pibyang says:

    bakit parang nagblack na ung hair nya nung ginupitan? o sa camera lang yun? Si Elijah hindi ko parin pinapagupitan. :)

  5. thanks for answering the survey.

  6. Gene says:

    Brownish talaga yung hair nila ng daddy niya, medyo malabo yung second shot ko kasi sa loob ng bahay. :D

    Gusto ko nga sana long hair din si Una kaya lang ayaw naman magpatali.

  7. Onfre says:

    i do not get the final part, just what do you really mean?: )

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