Gashapon are cute toy vending machines that are popular in Japan. Gashapon is a made up of two sounds: “gasha”  for the turning of a crank on a toy vending machine, and “pon” for the sound of the toy capsule dropping into drop off box. Gashapon is a trademark word by Bandai while Tomy uses the word Gacha.

I love cute little toys. Obviously, Una loves it too. She’s screaming and running around when we saw this in Robinson’s Place Ermita. I don’t usually buy these capsule toys even if I wanted to hoard them all because there is a high probability of not getting the item that you want. But I found this cute little cellphone charms from Sanrio and I couldn’t resist. I am so glad that I received Kuromi because I do not like Hello Kitty.

Read Kuromi’s bio below, we have so many things in common.

If you’ll notice, I’ve been referring to myself because Una didn’t like Kuromi. She wanted me to get the Super Mario toys, but mommy has other ideas. Hahaha!

By the way, this Gacha wall is found in Toy R Us in Robinson’s Place Ermita.

Any Toy Stories you want to share?

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8 Responses to Gashapon

  1. maiylah says:

    oh yes, we see them in SM, too…it’s a good thing my two-year old only likes looking at them (he thinks it’s only for ‘looking’, and not for buying. lol).

    thanks for the gfc follow; followed you back ♥

    • Gene says:

      Sad to say, she realized that we can buy those because I bought one with her one time. Hahaha! I love cute toys kasi.

  2. Ane says:

    Waaaah! walang ganyan dito! :P How cute! :)

    I love Kuromi’s bio! :D hehehe

    • Gene says:

      So nice diba. Napapaisip nga ako if I’m going to make her as a blog gnome. Kaya lang panay Hello Kitty stuff ang kasama. I’m more of a Kuromi and Badtz Maru kind of gal. ;)

  3. Jasmin says:

    Yay! Sayang wala dito sa amin ng ganyan.. Sana I could bring my nephews nd nice with me..

    • Gene says:

      I’m sure they will love it. It’s kind of addicting nga lang. My 6 year old nephew bought 2 gacha toys!

  4. KEanna says:

    Wow! We haven’t been to the mall yet, I mean to the well known toy store at the mall but I will truly look for these cute Gashapons. =)

  5. mommy jes says:

    wow!! nag sho shoopping na! :)) ahhahahahaha Tahnks for joining!! new toy stories is up :D nagkamali lang ako sa linky :)) kaya 37 days :))

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