Fostering Your Child’s Creativity

How to foster your child’s creativity in five easy ways

fostering your child's creativity

Fostering your child’s creativity is not that difficult. Here are five easy ways to help you nurture your child’s creativity.


I’m a firm believer of introducing books to young kids. I started it with my daughter before she turned one. Though her first board books served more as teether than an actual reading material, it didn’t stop me from buying more books for her. She’s 3 years old now and we now have a nightly routine of reading a book — sometimes even more than that — before going to sleep. It’s amazing how she would suddenly say a word from one of those story telling sessions in the middle of conversation.

Art making

The easiest way to nurture your child’s creativity. Start with non-toxic crayons and a piece of paper and you’ll give your child 30 minutes of doodling and shading. As the child grows older, you can introduce shapes and even name colors.


I can tell that this is my daughter’s favorite part. She loves to play pretend. Whether it be playing with her kitchen toys (she’s the waitress and the cook) or acting as a cashier, role-playing is always a lot of fun. Her recent favorites are pretending to be a princess, a fairy and sometimes both (as you can see in the photo above). Did I mention her love of forts? We love making our own forts, from pillows to blankets and even umbrellas!

Taking photographs

Una taking photographsLike her mommy, daughter likes to take photographs. She sometimes borrow my iPhone so she can take photos of her toys. Good thing we bought a very sturdy Eclipse Explorer underwater camera last summer. It’s been her camera for months now. [Right photo: 3 year old daughter taking a photo of her uncle]

Playing with dolls

Or action figures for boys. I find it interesting how she creates situation with he dolls. It’s like writing her own story. She have these mini-dolls, only a couple of inches tall and she makes beds, cabinets and sofas using her other toys. They have tea parties too. And sometimes they sit with her while she watches her favorite movies.

I’m sure there are more ways out there to nurture your child’s imagination. Here are just some toddler activities we tried so far.

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6 Responses to Fostering Your Child’s Creativity

  1. My son does all of those things, except play with dolls, and yes, I agree that those activities help develop children’s creativity.

  2. peachkins says:

    Ykaie and I do everything that you say here!!!

  3. Shela says:

    Those our really fun activities to do! My kids does those things also they pretend like they are someone and it’s cute to watch them so imaginative lil fellows.

  4. I also apply these activities to my daughter.

  5. Bless says:

    All the activities you mentioned really helps a kid in developing their creativity. Good thing now that they have access to developmental toys also that makes them more creative and innovative.

  6. rocky says:

    thanks for sharing this great article…

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