Family Time in Quezon City Circle

A long overdue post.

The photos below are taken last month during the Holy Week. We wanted to visit as many parks as possible and this time we decided to go to Quezon City Circle.

family time in QC Circle

It was a wrong move that we visited the park on a holiday because it was so crowded! At first we thought there aren’t that much people in the park since the restaurant and tiangge inside the Circle is not crowded. We had a nice leisurely walk and it’s not that warm too. But when we reached the playground area DK and I literally said “Whoa!” because of the crowd. Honestly, it scared me a bit.

Let the photographs below tell you how much it was for Una and how many families are there in the playground. click the images to view larger.

Una first try on sorbetes She doesn't want us to sit beside her Una being sweet and sharing her potato fries to Daddy K in the playground

Circle of Joy frog slide seesaw with Una

yellow slide orange slide blue slide gray slide

I love this playground even if it was that crowded. Una enjoyed it so much that we plan to bring her back to this park, this time on a weekday. It was clean and very kid friendly. Notice the green floor in the last photo? I don’t know what it is called but it worked as a padding so the kids won’t feel the roughness of the concrete/soil on their feet.

In case it’s not obvious yet, Una loves the slide.

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13 Responses to Family Time in Quezon City Circle

  1. Mirage says:

    What a coincidence, we got the same sentence for an intro. lol. We were able to visit this playground last time and there weren’t much kids coz it was schooltime! :D

    Looks like Una and you three really enjoyed it there!

  2. shengkay says:

    hi mommy gene! ako rin slide fave ko..hehhee..
    thanks for visiting my FT..
    korek! ako second hand book lang din..if brand new naman hindi lalagpas ng P100 dapat..hehehe..but it depends rin..

  3. teJan says:

    looks she really enjoy sis..nice time with family at the park:)

    mine is up too! entry found at

  4. Bambs ♥ says:

    Hello Mommy Gene :)

    Same here, parks are always crowded especially on weekends and holidays. It scares me also lol, kasi naman ang dami kids, di maiiwasan magtulakas kaya all eyes should be on our little girls diba.

    Hugs to Una..

  5. anney says:

    Nice park! Ang colorful namn ng slides dyan!

  6. Joie says:

    We also love to visit parks and just like you we considered the safety of the park. Parks are often crowded on holidays but we just have to deal with it.

  7. peachkins says:

    I bet my ykaie woud love to go there!

  8. jona says:

    i’ve heard lots of nice things about QC Circle. looks like you still had a great family time despite the crowds.
    thanks for your visit in my entry Gene!

  9. AteK says:

    Una had fun, the photos prove it all.
    Here’s my entry. Hope you can visit and if you like, join the fun at Messy Go Round.Sorry for the late visit. Thanks a lot!

  10. jared's mum says:

    cool! i can’t wait for jared to try the slide on his own…that’ll be next on our itinerary, a weekend at the park, am thinking la mesa eco park since it is nearer to us…by the way, to answer your question, a rash guard is that type of long-sleeved, quick-dry swim wear ideal for children :)

  11. I remember frequenting QC circle when i was in high school :). I think I ought to bring my daughter there too.

  12. Abby says:

    I have been in QC circle last June with my cousins and their kids, it is really a great place to stay in..

  13. SoDirty says:

    Went here with my family. This place is filthy.

    Trash all over the grass, the picnic tables, and all over the sheds. The people who come here are not exactly the ones who clean up after they use the place, and to make things worse.. there are limited trash bins.

    The playgrounds and slides are also not maintained, and I was worried about my son catching some illness there.

    We just rode a bike with sidecar a few times around and left. Walking through the middle of the park is like walking through a trash can.

    I hope Mayor Bautista reads this. Sad.

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