Family time in Burger King

This was during one of those rainy days when DK wanted to eat Burger King. We were supposed to eat in SM City Marikina but the parking area was full so we went to the Burger King Marcos Highway branch.

Burger King - Whopper Jr.

We had our usual meal of Whopper Jr. but it’s kind of weird that they don’t have spaghetti in that branch. I’m not sure if they no longer sell it or they just run out of supply to make them.

Burger King - toddler playground

The second floor haveĀ  a play area for kids but the tables are all occupied by adults customers who hang around Burger King for free internet access. We have no choice but to sit in a table near the stairs and freaked me out for fear that Una would accidentally fall down the stairs. It’s great that Burger King offers free wi-fi but come on, the upper floor was made for kids. The customers should have stayed downstairs if they don’t have kids with them.

Burger Kings - Corbitoness parents

Anyway, here’s one of those few times that the little toddler behaved a little for some decent photos.

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11 Responses to Family time in Burger King

  1. Vhen says:

    she’s sooo cute, lalo na ung messy nguso hihihi!

    now i think i want to eat BK too, but there’s no branch here in our place :(

    visiting from FT!

    hope you can stop by also at:


  2. tejan says:

    heheh..nice busog time:) visiting gen..see yah!

  3. tejan says:

    by the way.gen, hope you can drop by my new site:) hungry with follower.. can we exlinks:) hope you can follow when you have time:)

  4. Mommy jes says:

    ahahy cute ni baby ahahah ‘may gatas sya sa labi’ :)) whahahahh!!

    sweet ng photos :D

  5. Pinx says:

    hi sis. thanks for the visit too! sarap naman ng burger n fries, parang gusto ko na ring kumain, ang kaso, walang burger king dito. the only time i was able to eat in burger king was in Korea. di na rin nasundan.. hehehe… have a happy tuesday!

  6. Olga says:

    Cute ni Una bebe mo. Tsalap ng sundae!!! Kelan ba tayo magplaydate bulilits natin. Sama little girl ni Arcee. ^_^

    Visiting through Family Time. Here’show we spent our weekend.

  7. abby says:

    aww… she’s so adorable :)

    your site is really interesting. would luv ro read more entries. hope you dnt mind me dropping by. please do drop by mine, too.


  8. peachkins says:

    I love burger king because the burgers are grilled!

  9. Keanna says:

    She’s so cute! I love BK’s fries! Hi there! This is a late visit from me.

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