Family Bond Tightened Through Time

Each and every family has their own way of keeping their bonds tight. It can be in a form of family habit like putting up a charity event for the less fortunate wherein the entire household would help out; weekend picnics in the nearby nature park; gift changing during the holidays; or a simple lunch get together.

Being able to make time being with their family is one of the most valuable things that a person can do. It is much more difficult for those people working overseas. They sacrificed themselves in order to provide their family’s needs and even tolerating some of their wants. However, with the advancement of technology, at least they would be able to keep up with the happenings at home.

“I’ve been working in Utah for 8 years now and I really miss family so much,” says a Filipino chef who’s a father of two. “One of my wishes is to be with them at home or bring them over and show them the fun centers in Utah,” he added. He also shared that there wasn’t a year that they failed to send him surprises during special occasions like birthdays, father’s day and even the holidays.

There would always be ways to keep the family bond tight.

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21 Responses to Family Bond Tightened Through Time

  1. bryan says:

    Working overseas is making a great sacrifice. But we only want the best for our families. Greatest reward is when our children finishes schooling and make great careers.

  2. grace says:

    Spending QUALITY TIME with loved-ones is a MUST!

  3. Janice says:

    Family bonding is indeed very important.

  4. Mona says:

    agree bonding with the family is always important!

  5. Chinmay says:

    Yes, sweet home with sweet family, nothing like it. In India we have very strong family bonds and we miss to be away from home!

  6. verna says:

    I honestly think that the Filipinos are the most family-oriented people. Our families have the strongest bonds. It is a big sacrifice to every OFWs to leave their family, and work overseas. But nevertheless, they endure all the hardships just to fend for their family. That’s one of the reasons why I salute our OFWs. Emotions are a person’s strongest contender. And they manage to win.

  7. Oliver Ramos says:

    Strongly agree on this post. OFW’s sacrificed too much for their family to earn a living and having a quality time with your family is really a big thing. What we do usually since we are not on the U.S. we spend time eating together at home usually dinner and having reunions during holidays.
    With our technology to ease the pain of our fellow OFW what they are doing is having a video conference thru skype or YM but having their presence in person is much better.

  8. seth says:

    Family time is very important to me because I know that these are the moments that my child will remember when he grows up. So as much as possible be it simple or grand, we should have a quality time together in a week.

  9. It’s great to have bonding and making it stronger than ever.

  10. jared's mum says:

    family bonding time are so sacred to me, i probably got it from my father who’d really make it a point to spend the weekend with us no matter how hectic his week was. there is a rule at home when i was younger that you are not suppose to go out on weekends so you can spend the days with the rest of the family…

    now, i get to practice that a lot by spending quality family bonding time with my little man in simple ways we know how :)

  11. Jen says:

    Beautifully written! Family time is precious and sacred to me. I’m continually grateful for every opportunity

  12. Lizzie says:

    Close family ties is always present among Filipino members and I am glad that the bond keeps growing stronger as time goes by.

  13. Clary says:

    family bonding is one of my husband’s priority, even on a tight schedule. He loves to bring us to the mall and eat out.

  14. MsKatrina says:

    Keeping a family strong is a lot of work especially when vital members are far away. Luckily we live in a age of technology where communication can take minutes instead of days, weeks, or even months.

  15. yuuki says:

    there are different ways to have family bonding even virtual as long as we set it as a priority…

  16. zoan says:

    Our idea of family bonding is going to church every Sunday (that we can), dine together (breakfast, lunch and dinner), sleep together and study together:)

  17. Our idea of family bonding is simple, having a meal together. Most of the family members are working abroad and having them all here in Phils is a blessing by itself.

  18. Jellybelly says:

    It’s difficult for families of OFWs to keep the family but with commitment of each family member, it can work out. My friend’s father was working in Saudi Arabia when she was growing up but his presence and authority was felt by the family and this was before Skype etc.

  19. rachelle says:

    spending time and having fun with the whole family is just priceless! i love seeing my kids smile and hear their laughter as they enjoy every minute we are with them.

  20. Olga says:

    Definitely very important! It’s still easy to have family bonding moments now coz the kids are still very young and dependent on us. I do wish though that we’d be able to keep our family weekend tradition alive when they are older.

  21. korean drama says:

    we are also wishing to go abroad but thinking about it , it’s really hard when someone is away. If only we can have good jobs here.

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