Failed Summer Outing

I honestly hate going into summer outings where planning would mean compromising with almost everyone in the party. It’s what makes a failed summer outing. Most of the times, we plan our out of town trips months before the actual date. We did just that in our supposed family outing in Splash Island. We planned it to go out on early May, when it’s hot and sunny. So we bought the tickets for the whole family and when the week before the actual trip, they decided they don’t want to continue because someone is not available. Turns out that someone has a company outing and he chose to be with his new officemates than be with his family.

Then there’s a death in the family and they don’t feel enjoying an out of town trip after the funeral, which is understandable. But for some reason, the rest of the family is not available in all four weekends of May.

rainy weatherFinally, they are running out of time because hubby’s other brother might¬†go back to Mindanao for work so they planned June 3rd.

Guess what, there’s a typhoon and it’s been raining really hard. Then Una-bebe had colds and fever yesterday.

So I say, what the heck. Let them go ahead with their summer outing which my husband and I paid for. I’d rather not swim with them and I’m not willing to risk my child’s health so their family is complete. So they went on their merry way and was back as early as 2pm. Duh, they said they didn’t enjoy their summer outing because Una-bebe was not there.


Never again will I plan another summer outing with them. Gosh, they make this supposed fun day and all those days leading to the actual day of the trip so stressful.

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13 Responses to Failed Summer Outing

  1. Debi says:

    Last year I tried to arrange a family trip to the beach to celebrate my dad’s and my birthday, which is the same day. I wanted us to each bring something to eat, and just have a little celebration, since it was my 50th birthday, and I was born in Hawaii. For all my family, the beach was about 10 miles away, and the whole thing would only have taken about 2 hours. My sister refused, and offered instead to have a get together at her house the following weekend (our birthday was on Monday, so I’d wanted to celebrate on the Saturday or Sunday before. This was REALLY important to me, since I had a feeling it would be our last birthday together, but no one was willing to do this. Sure enough, my dad died 12 days before our birthday this year.

    • Gene says:

      Gosh Debi, I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry that must have been hard for. You didn’t even get the chance to celebrate your birthday together.

  2. yuuki says:

    i have an almost similar experience, one of my relative backed out after i paid for the boracay flight and accommodation due to personal preferences. i wasn’t able to refund the airfare. we went ahead with the vacation without him, and enjoyed it to the max!

    • Gene says:

      I wish I could have done that but the hubby and I got sick during the week. So no swimming for us this weekend. I feel bad for Una, she’s really excited for the swimming trip.

  3. Vera says:

    Aw. Sometimes when it feels like everything is conspiring against an activity, it’s best not to push through. I understand why you decided not to go. My family didn’t get to have an ‘outing’ this summer. But I guess we can pick any other month and maybe it’ll push through. Sometimes it’s the simplest plans that work.

  4. Anne says:

    We used to go on similar summer outings with my father’s side of the family. Some of my relatives would complain about one thing or another. It happened thrice and it’s more than enough for us to realize we couldn’t go on another outing with them. And like you and your husband did, we paid for all those outings!

    I hope your Una-bebe is already feeling better ;)

    • Gene says:

      She’s feeling better now, thanks. Looks like na-transfer samin ni hubby ang flu niya. But I’d rather have that than see the little girl suffer.

  5. aby says:

    aww.. we love outings especially during summers. hehe but you can always go out with your family even it’s not summer. hehe

    • Gene says:

      We had our own vacation, just the three of us last April. We were hoping to bond with the rest of hubby’s family. Sometimes I feel that we’re the only one who makes an effort to bond with them.

  6. jewel says:

    i know what you mean, makes me not to plan again one, i’m not into swimming/beach anyway…

  7. Ane says:

    This is why we never plan outings. :P When we go, we go. :P Things have a funny way of not working out when it’s planned. :P My hubby loves spontaneity, he says things work out better when they aren’t planned. :D It kills me, kasi nga may pag ka-OC ako dba. :D

    • Gene says:

      I love being spontaneous and we try to do it kapag within Metro Manila lang. We can never do that if out of town. :D

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